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  1. Hey thanks man! I did spot the dumbbell neb as well as the M13 Hercules cluster last night! Albireo is a straight gem! So far my favorite.
  2. I have a 90mm MAK and pretty bad air quality/light pollution but found the dark fuzzy gray Ring Nebula last night for the first time. What nebulas should I look for next with what I have to work with? On my list so far is the dumbbell, lagoon, bubble, iris, and snowball nebs. What do you all recommend?
  3. Thanks to all. It looks as though they don't sell the Skywatcher UHC in the states All in all I'm thinking it's pretty much not worth investing in this type of filter for this scope. Off topic, what kind of scope works best for DSO's?
  4. Last night I spotted the Ring Nebula for the first time. As expected it was a very very faint dark gray circle but nevertheless I was thrilled! I live in a horribly light polluted city as well as have some of the worse air quality regarding particulates (Rubbish in the air) in the country and also deal with weeks of +100F temps which is currently happening. I'm pretty sure all this makes veiwing conditions atrocious and I'm taking the scope to the pitch black mountains soon and was wondering if a UHC-S filter is worth buying to bring along. What can I reasonably expect using this filter on my
  5. I went ahead and got the celestron kit. It'll give me a chance to see what size EP's work best/worst since this is my first scope and I have no experience other than with a 9mm and 25mm. I definitely want to see what the buzz is all about with the Astro-Tech Paradigm EP's.
  6. For general veiwing. So they're better for nature/day time?
  7. Can this eyepiece be used on my MAK? It says it's compatible with refractors and SCT so my guess is, yes?? Please help.
  8. These seem to get a lot of praise. Looks like it would be worth it to pick up a 12mm and an 18mm or some combo like that.
  9. Hello, I was pretty interested in the Celestron 1.25 kit until I recently had a less than thrilling experience with their customer support team. I decided to spend some more time researching before I hand them more of my money. If you've used or purchased this kit, what are your thoughts on it? How are those 8mm-24mm zoom eyepieces compared to individual sized ones? What are some good eyepieces for a beginner? My scope is the Celestron NexStar 90SLT. I understand every scope has its limits and all and when is comes to useful magnification. The Celestron kit seems like a great beginner package
  10. I read somewhere that celestron sells replacement motors for as little as 16 bucks but I couldn't find them for sale anywhere. It may be worth a shot sending them an email asking if they sell them... It may be a total load. Good luck to you.
  11. I bought a celestron NexStar SLT a couple weeks ago. It's a different model than what you've got but it's still a celestron motorized mount. Mine started to do that with the left and right motor (azimuth) and unfortunately after about two nights of it, the motor completely seized up. I looked around online and read a few complaints of this happening with various Celestron models, the SE was among them. I had to send it back to Celestron and am waiting to see what they do about it. The service rep said it sounded like a motor problem and that I qualified for a full replacement. Still a pain in
  12. I have the NexStar SLT which is similar and I get great success using the moon under solar system alignment. I've also had success using Albireo as a single star alignment. The time zone was a bit confusing at first. The user guide shows California as -8 but I used 8 instead and had the scope thinking it was in the Phillippines. I think the hand control went to -4 before changing to traditional eastern, central, mountain and pacific zones. In, short there was no -8 and upon finding the pacific time zone, I was golden. That was until the azimuth motor burnt out two weeks after getting it and no
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