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  1. confused so am I saw these first in what's new then in a quarter page ad will have to investigate further as they seemed ideal for outdoor use.
  2. I have nothing to do with supplier or manufacturer. Noticed in my camping & caravanning mag an add for a "new battery technology" GALAXY-E 100% capacity at -10degC and many more features but not seen the price. www.galaxy-e.co.uk or www.powerlite.com for details
  3. I am looking for advice on the "best" type to allow me to photograph the shadows, plenty of plans available with pin hole, slit and slitless. Have a 24" x 1" thick blank ground and polished to f5 now comes the part that I have no experiance in figuring. Lucky enough to be Spain for 3 months so will do the job slowely (is there anyother way) asking advice on this wonderfull forum each step of the way, but will need to photograph my attemps so I can post and learn from your experiance. The stage has been built and I have leds of different colours and outputs also compact, dslr and video cameras. Any and all ideas welcome as if this works out will then build a bino scope of 8" or 10" apature I usually do things the wrong way round but had a bad case of apature fever
  4. Cutting the legs/pin first then remove the body of chip but be careful there are no tracks passing under it (it is possible to grind it thinner then place new chip on top) remove legs with solder wick or a solder sucker. Re soldering is best done under a stereo microscope with a very small tip thin solder and a solder flux pen. Get hold of a scrap board and with some cheap e-bay chips have several practice goes after all experience will pay. I'm over Severn bridge should you wish help and equipment.
  5. This months issue of Model Engineers Workshop has a review of a warco lathe also a write up on a amadeal lathe plus some classified ads on the back page. Worth a look just for the ads Bob
  6. Hi all I have about 6 12V car heaters the type that plug into cig socket to clear windscreen also around 12 48V dc fans will run slowly with out vibration on 12V and with a variable up converter adjustable. Have to have a huge clear out as we are hoping to downsize so all my "junk" has to go would be a pity if they went into skip as all are new. Bob
  7. What I have found is that calliper's can be easily 0ed wrong as you say dirt or gremlins holding jaws apart. worst is if they are used to compare diameters 0 can be set to save all the mental arithmic next time they remember the wrong 0 how do I know???
  8. ALWAYS remember to "0" them when taking a measurement very easy to pick them up and forget.
  9. Gordon If we can get there with our Quark anybody and everybody should now I'm off back to the beginners forum to read up about our next step.
  10. Can't offer advice but we suffered like you even to the extent of planning a trip to London to test the Quark was working ok, equipment here is very basic short focus celestron from e-bay, eq mount about 30 years old all fitted on a workmate. What I did notice yesterday was that even when centred on the sun getting an image in the eyepiece was difficult it seemed to "snap" in and out. It seemed easier to look directly into Quark without eyepiece to initially align Don't give up took us several months as we took it to Spain over winter with out the power supply then decided not to try it just in case we damaged it with wrong power and all our equipment is there. Bob
  11. Finally had my first light through the Quark yesterday. Purchased a cheap celestron short focus scope off e-bay pulled out a very dusty eq mount that has sat in workshop for 10 years bolted it to a workmate made up a fixing plate and we managed to see the large prom on the sun yesterday Problems were flex in the scope and diagonal (both did only cost £20) mount did not stay on target when Quark was placed in position. But in my defence there were only for the Grandchildren aged 2-8 to view the moon and planets So say good bye to the sun for a few days, new projects are sturdy tripod better mount then a better scope, does it never end Bob
  12. After great problems setting up my equipment finally saw Sun through the Quark 30mins ago what a great first view
  13. Hi Paul. Hope to see you there we can compare all the stupid things we get up to Bob
  14. We plan on coming along fri/sat first time in years we have not had a visit planed over weekend when you meet up. Pat we live in Newport would you like a lift 1 seat left in van and plenty of room in back for any gear you would like to bring also you can show us the way. Bob
  15. All the equipment I have here is scope an eyepiece and a simple wooden alt/alz mount all put together for grandkids to look at the moon, everything else is in Spain. Hope to test out the Quark just in case then at least a better scope and mount will sort it out, just to remove the nagging worry that I've a fault with an expensive piece of kit hope it will be possible to try it with somebody else's working setup and I'm not just suffering a(nother) lack of skill. I even checked it could not be fitted upside down just in case lol. Bob
  16. Thanks guys problem is not being able to see anything through the eyepiece?? will try the scope and e/p tonight, would first like to confirm the Quark is working before I get another scope and mount to dedicate. Bob
  17. Having trouble with our Quark. purchased last year didn't have a chance to test it over dec/jan but had a stay in Spain coming up so plenty of opportunity we thought but we left the power lead back in the UK (even so any chance of seeing the eclipse was destroyed by 5 days of stormy weather). Our tripod mount and scopes are out there so not a lot of equipment to mount the Quark on but have tried with a Bresser skylux 70mm and a couple of eyepiece's and a simple mount I borrowed back from the Grandchildren. I can get a full solar image when looking through the Quark on the scope but not with eyepiece. As the equipment here is limited and I'm not sure what the problem is and before I think about returning the Quark or driving back to Spain (tempting as that is), does any body have one set up we could replace with ours or a scope/mount that we could put it on. We are in Newport but happy to travel Thanks.
  18. A simple way to check RPM is to drive a threaded rod with a known pitch 1mm pitch is easy its a standard 6mm Dia thread. turn it with your motor and measure how far a fixed nut travels in say 1 hour (should be 60mm).
  19. Got the date wrong it's on Sat 10th The ability to use the arduino and fit a larger battery to a dslr (with no mods to camera) is that if we get clear nights around the 13th is I can set up several cameras to take 10,20,30 second exposures all night compacts can be set to take an exposure every 10 seconds while I'm sleeping or watching. Full details are now on the Gwent Wildlife web site Bob
  20. On Jan 12th I will be running a day on Practical camera hacking at Magor Marsh educational centre Nr J23 M4, full details are on the site along with how to book. Basically it is how to hack a budget compact digital camera to do time lapse remote triggering etc. almost any cheap compact will do to start and I will have some tools and equipment to do some over the day. Some simple (very) programming of an arduino will be demonstrated. Last year it filled up very quick and numbers are limited so if you are interested get on to Gwent wildlife site. Also will cover simple microscope and telescope use. No theory or technical knowledge is reqd. Bob
  21. You could also try sikaflex it's a pvc adhesive and used on boats to both seal and stick a cheaper alternative is seam sealant from a good motor factors
  22. Downsizing and have 4 x 6V 90 A/hr batteries about 10 years old but they have been charged twice a year as a mainteance charge and never discharged or used much, open 2 offers along with a 24V charger would be a pity to scrap them, in Newport ready to collect too heavy and not worth the effort to post. Bob (please remove if against rules)
  23. Has anybody thought of using Caravan plugs and sockets? they are made for dc the older type have 2 pins set at 45degs newer ones have 1 pin larger both are impossible to plug in backwards or mix up. Available in any caravan shop and made to take 10 Amp I think they are Ideal (but having a box full "hint") may bias me. Bob
  24. I have done this for my Pentax 1std D very simple (has to be for me) modified the Blink programme and added a 2 pole 12 V relay at pin 13 output. set up for meteor photos is open shutter for 10sec close for 10sec open for 20sec close for 10 then open for 30. Also can set the camera to do time lapse, how to do both are in any of the books and very simple as long as you have the small (2.5) jack socket for a remote shutter release. I'll be glad to help but this is at the limit almost of my computer knowledge
  25. Try testing motor on a battery to check it is working first, does it have a gearbox this may be seized try a squirt of wd40 or some thin oil, if ok check bottom of board for bad solder joints if not sure put a photo up, are there any numbers on chip and what may be a transistor next to it.
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