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  1. Beautiful stuff. I think I shall have to try and enter myself next year. Skill permitting. I can't help but feel there are a couple of composites in there, slightly devaluing the idea that they are single photographs. Not including panoramas of course.
  2. They've just blurred the background a bit... possibly... to fake DOF. The shadows look fine.
  3. THis whole week has been glorious so far. I just wish I could stay up every night.
  4. The skies are ludicrously clear at the moment and the milkyway is prominent on the southern horizon so I took a trip to Durlston. The parking is £2.00 after 6pm and is not closed at night. There was no untoward activity at all aside from the occasional badger or fox strolling by not expecting anything. Possibly it was because it was a Tuesday night though. I'm a photographer myself so I can hike down to the cliffs edge and such so I'm not sure how transportable your telescopes are but I think, depending on which part of the carpark you stop in, you should be able to get a good position with a scope. I would think, I don't truly know.. There are some trees and the castle is litbut the castle is also nestled in the trees and the hill tends to block out the light pollution from swanage.
  5. It's the money savings that'll make the councils go for it in my opinion. I live in an area that at some point took the "midnight" switch-off(It's actually about 0:30-1:30 as said above.) It's fine but it also explains why one house in particular on our street has outfitted themselves with loads of under-lighting that keeps every inch of their house spotlit all night long regardless. :S The switch off has a great effect on the night sky though.
  6. I don't know how reliable these maps are yet but it doesn't look likely: http://lasp.colorado.edu/aim/cips/data/repository/prelim/current_daisy.png
  7. I can't tihnk of anywhere much better than Grange Hill. I've been there a few times though I tend to hike up to the arch along the path a bit. It might be worth trying out this spot at Worth Matravers: http://goo.gl/maps/35hkG It's a car park, the overflow behind it goes a little bit more up hil and might offer some nice veiws. (Not quite as high as Grange Hill though I don't imagine. (Also You might need £2 to park, not sure at night) I often park here(nearby) too: http://goo.gl/maps/Pv57c ANd hike down to the coast towards the south. I'm not lugging telescopes with me though so I understand it's not so much of an option. If anyone gives Durlston a go let me know. I've been meaning to scout out the night time parking potential there.
  8. Some of them might just be spots of cloud. I'm surprised you can get anything when shooting at the sun tbh.
  9. I thought they banned the metal ones and it's all bio-degradeable now, made out of bamboo or whatever. I have to say there are very few occasions where I'm shooting at night that a lantern doesn't end up wobbling it's way through my shot.
  10. The biggest concern I'd think is with tripping in the dark and damaging your equipment rather than theft surely? (Just make sure you've got plenty of lighting and backup lighting) I mean how many rogues, thieves and murders do you think are stalking the most remotest areas around at the most unlikely hours just in case someone happens to lug hundreds of quid of equipment out to them. Personally my dark skies are often 30 minutes to an hours walk away from the car and my most pressing concern is never for the stuff that I've got with me, more for my poor car stuck in the middle of no-where all on it's own. I'm not even necessarily as worried by thieves having the tyres or smashing the windows to steal my disposable hand-warmers, more that the police might declare it or clamp it... or some carpark owner decides he should lock me in or ticket me. Or the impending embarrassment that is returning to your car to find others entertaining themselves and others in their vehicles. TBH it's not happened yet but, I imagine that's specifically because I do go "out of the way" and perverts, I'd imagine, are pretty lazy... have run into a surprisingly large number of people who simply sleep in their cars overnight and the occasional campervan owner who will come out to check his tyres with a crowbar every-time he hears a car pull up. The worst thing is the foxes that sound like screaming women/children in agony.
  11. I don't think anyone here would want to either but that's not what the OP was really asking about. Ultimately if awareness prevents well-wishing relatives from mistakenly being taken advantage of then that's good surely? You can't want a company that makes it's money taking advantage of people to succeed because all of it's potential victims didn't know any better and it's "the thought that counts" because ultimately no one in receipt of the kind sentiment is going to prefer the money spent on a falsity over the actual thought... It is only the thought that counts after all.
  12. Ah,excellent point. I keep forgetting to get a red torch i'll add it to my list.
  13. ... I was recently scanning amazon for entertaining purchases that I might be able to justify coupling onto a genuine order that I actually need when I stumbled on a kids "spy goggles" that professed to have night vision. It's just a pair of goggles with torches strapped to the sides of course but it got me to thinking. Generally for my star viewing I have very remote dark-sites. Only a minority of them can I simply step out of my car, the rest involve 20-60minute hikes, in one case, even longer. Generally I take a batch of torches, each one a back up for if the batteries fail in the others but I was wondering if, more for fun that practicality if there was any practical/affordable night vision options available for a denizen of the night. My timelapse photo-shoots often have me standing around in the dark for 1-3 hours while the camera automatically clicks away so it might provide some entertainment then too. I thought of nowhere more likely to have an answer than here and I'm fully expectant of little more than comedy answers because any sensible solution would cost a gajillion pounds!
  14. That's a great shot. With that much detail i'm surprised to see how it appears. In all my widefield shots I would've thought the tail was brightest coming out of the top. Possibly it's due to light pollution for me. The north and the west are the worst sources for light pollution for me. All my dark-sites are good for facing south.
  15. I saw two this evening. I would've thought they were going from south to north but they were also heading in the general direction of Panstarrs(as that's what I was facing) which is quite north-westerly at the moment. Both were high above my head though, I just happen to be looking straight up as they passed.
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