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  1. Like cotterless45 I heard on the BBC that the moon was going to be 30000 times closer , I missed it 'cos I was hiding under the stairs
  2. IMHO the supplied instructions are worse than useless I used Astrobaby's instructions to line up the polar 'scope and "polar finder" free software to polar align the mount. Incidentally be careful which version of polar finder you download as some of them now contain viruses. I use the android phone app.
  3. +1 for Steve's comment susceptible to wind chatter unless protected by a windbreak of some sort
  4. Amazon do bags for awnings which for about 30 quid do the job
  5. Yes Andy78 there is no substitute for personal experience find you local astro club and go along, most members will be only too happy to let you try out their kit so you can form your own opinion
  6. +1 for RichM63 comments quite frankly I'm no technical genius but I've never had problems with polar aligning, collimating, tube rotation, or any of the other problems which according to dob lore blight eq mounts my mount has Go To functionality but if I fancy some star hopping I turn it off, but once I've found the object that I'm looking for I turn on the tracking and it stays in the field of view. My experience of using a dob was similar to dancing with a fat lady in wellies but each to their own....
  7. As a first step I'd invest about 50 quid on a webcam and practice taking videos of planets and processing them, the HEQ5 go to and an ED80 seemto be the minimum for deep sky, Nikon cameras seem to be a poor second to Canon as the latter have purpose designed software for astro photography.
  8. As Steve Ward suggests go along to the local astro club, or pay a visit to NLO at Sidmouth on a Friday night there are more than enough members willing to help.
  9. Reading a Skywatcher manual send for the guys in white coats now and save time, more sense to look up Astrobaby's guide, that's written in English.
  10. I prefer to get set up early while it's still light and check the collimation with a Cheshire, I may be lucky but in the 2 years that I've had this 'scope it has only needed minor tweaks on a couple of occasions and star tests as well as I can see
  11. Congratulations on your new scope, you won't be disappointed
  12. It's a good idea to have the tube horizontal before adjusting the secondary else if you're too enthusiastic with the screwdriver / allen key the secondary can make a mess of the primary mirror
  13. As rwilkey says you're far better dealing with somewhere like FLO for advice and resolving any issues after you've purchased your scope. They're also able to give good advice before and after sale I deal with amazon but not for anything of any complexity or value
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