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  1. Hello Dave and all , I'm an occassional visitor to Stargazers, I have been looking at different scopes and I wondered if this Dob would be an ideal starter ,size being almost everything in Astronomy plus, lets be honest, it a cool looking scope! Any thoughts ? Cheers, Mike
  2. Woops just seen a post already :oops: Elsewhere Ho Hum.
  3. Hi Guys, I don't know if this has been posted-can't see anything on the forum-this is the result of New Horizons latest received data .On Io the volcano Tvashtar is spewing forth. Hat tip to http://www.tomsastroblog.com/ Catch Io here,its a five frame sequence http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/gallery/missionPhotos/images/HighRes/051407_loop.gif Be patient it will take a moment to load depending on your pipe ! Cheers, Mike
  4. Its been a while since I've been on here, but seeing the link -I thought the good folks at Stargazers lounge will like it. BTW I got the link from a very interesting blog worth a look: http://woodside.blogs.com/cosmologycuriosity/ cheers, Mike
  5. Hi Guys, if your interested in string I have something thats completely free !!! Go here : http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/elegant/program.html This is the interesting programme by Brian Greene called 'The elegant univeres' regarding string theory and all things cosmological. A very groovy series -so get with the groove and make like a piece of string. Cheers
  6. Thanks guys for all your advice. I have 1 more burning,well smarting question. Whats the difference between a Skywatcher Explorer 200 HEQ5 and SkyScan GOTO Upgrade... and a Skywatcher Explorer 200 HEQ5 Pro Skyscan? Pricewise they are more or less the same. cheers, Mike
  7. Hi guys, thanks for your advice. What my meager brain failed to fully appreciate is that the Skywatcher 200 came in three flavours,the EQ5,HEQ5 and the HEQ5 Pro. Can you upgrade from the EQ5 to the pro IE add a goto ?Or do you need the HEQ5 for that? The driven mount on the HEQ5 this is used to track objects? The dobsonian I was thinking of was a lightbridge 10" or 12" but they might be a bit too much for me to deal with although they look great,a bit like the ipod for the astro community. Thanks again, Mike
  8. Hi Jamie, thats gotta be the fastest reply to a post ever! :whip2: Surely theres an award waiting for you somewhere? Why do you say go for the Skywatcher as opposed a dob? Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi Guys, I live in Portsmouth -the most densly populated city in Europe-this means loads of light pollution and nice pinky skies.If I'm right the sky used to be a blue colour? Anyway I have been toying with buying a scope for ages -reading around I have it narrowed down to something that will get me the best results given the situation here in Pompey.Either the biggest light bin I can afford or a scope with a goto . So my likely candidates are the Skywatcher Explorer 200 & HEQ-5 Mount or a dobsonian. Does that sound reasonable oh sages of the sky? cheers, Mike
  10. A-Mazing!! Any chance of clocking Beagle 2 ? Cheers for that Image. Mike
  11. Thats a great picture reminds me of going to work in the winter. Also the artists web site is nay too bad. I was wonderin' seeing as its mighty cold out there on Titan -why the methane doesn't freeze?I don't know the atmospheric pressure or anything,or even the freezing point of methane. Oh well, cheers. Mike
  12. Gaz, re 2010 I loved it -it doesn't have the class of 2001 but it helps explain what was happening -theres a great aerobraking scene and of course somethings happening on Europa,orbits are decaying,Hal is talking to Dave Bowman but where is he? Cracking film.Also I'd like to add 'The right stuff ' -well worth a gander.Serenity is also good fun, cheers, Mike
  13. The thread is interesting. My fav Space Movies are 2001 the best and the first. Followed by 2010 (no one I think has mentioned that one -for me it explains 2001). From the Earth to the Moon tv series was great .As I kid I used to love gerry andersons UFO although I only appreciated the purple wig ladies later in life :oops: Cheers, Mike
  14. Hello guys, I have a article in my blog regasrding Encledaus that I thought my be of interest. I hope this doesn't seem to smack of self promotion. Just to warn you my blog doesn't only concern Astronomy. Heres the link -hope you like it: http://fluorescentflicker.wordpress.com/2006/06/27/enceladus/ Cheers Mike
  15. A beautiful image ! Cheers for sharing it. Mike
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