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  1. Hi. just checking skymap pro and Cartes for the location and even with the updated data is puts DA14 at Ursa Major at about 19:49 ? hmmmmm even checked this on two other laptops and same results, very odd as heavens-above puts it 21:30ish. Must be missing somthing here,, all lat and log are correct as are computer times. strange.
  2. What a great display of Aurora, best in the last couple of years. It was hard keeping the tripod steady in 40mph + winds, it started just after sunset and watched until 4:40am when the cloud started to arrive. Most images are 30sec, 1600/800 ISO,18mm. What with the ISS and the Aurora it made a good nights entertainment
  3. Just looking for a new scope, the 300p never has been right due to a dent in the tube on delivery! so just looking at the Quattro F4 8" or the Altair 8" Imaging Newtonian, wonder if anyone has compared these scopes. was all set to buy the Altair after the problems with the 300p, now undecided, hmmmmm. Plus the 300p is too big for the weather up here, even in the roll off roof or the dome the wind still hits it bad. thenits where to buy from as people think the Scottish Islands is on another planet when it comes to postage, lol. costs no more that the rest of the UK. Great thread by the way, very interesting. Any comments would be very welcome before I buy another scope. John
  4. Perseids Meteor 23:58 06 Aug 2011, just checking for Aurora and this came past, very bright & quick! looking North North East towards the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse. Canon 1000D, 18mm f3.5 30sec 1600ISO.
  5. Visable on the Isle of Lewis (Eoropie) big green arc and purple, green and red curtains every now and then, only problem is that its still light to the north, very active on 50Mhz ham bands, due to the Aurora. Good luck.
  6. Good shots Mikey, we had a good bit of cloud cover at Eoropie on the Isle of Lewis, but it did have the odd gap just after Midnight.
  7. It was not to bad over in Eoropie, Isle of Lewis, cloud did part at the right time. 18mm 20sec ISO 800 58° 30' 05N - 06° 15' 39W
  8. Excellent images, and on "Stargazing". very cloudy in the hebrides, so good to see some great pics . Thanks. John
  9. gm7pbb

    New Roll off Roof

    Just built my new roll off roof Observatory, Skywatcher 300p inside.
  10. Just in from a few minutes between clouds, spotted 6 in 5 minutes over the Atlantic, very sloooow and bright, just hope the clouds stay away at the right time. Eoropie, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
  11. Just came in from being up at the Butt of Lewis lighthouse, excellent display of Aurora going on, thats until the clouds came rolling in fast. took a few images, well about 60. Best time of year now for the lights, just hope the nights keep clear. John
  12. Cracking Moon shot, very nice.
  13. Thanks for the comments, no second chance tonight, thick cloud been here all day but its a good start to the year, can only get better, lol. We get a few Aurora during the year, notice them more on the 50Mhz band (GM7PBB) then when they go off the radio I know its time to go outside, strange how it works but it does! Right of to play around with a few hundred images of 103P while the cloud is here. TTFN John
  14. Just in from a great few hours up at the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, the Aurora was excellent, twice in one week, its looking good
  15. Just in from a great few hours up at the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, the Aurora was excellent, twice in one week, its looking good
  16. Thanks for the replies, should be out looking up as it is a great clear sky BUT someone has agreat BIG spot light shinning straight up so not much point.. We have had some good clear nights over the past few days, slight high cloud but clear. The wind is the big problem up here, so until I get the Dome in place It has to clear and calm, lol will be out after 01:30am when the street lights all go out John Just looking for a bit of software for JPG to AVI, just for messing with Comet images.
  17. Just about to get to bed after taking a few images of Hartley and noticed a green glow over the lighthouse, set the Canon up again and was amazed to see Aurora, green defuse glow, red and green curtains, this went on for about 2 hours. Nice to see again, been a few weeks since the last Aurora. Canon 1000D 18mm F3.5 30 sec Tripod John
  18. Iridium 56 20h 09m 38s - 7 October 2010. Canon 1000D, ISO1600, 15sec x 4, 18mm F3.5 Comet 103P 21h 33m 26s - 7 October 2010 Skywatcher 300P (prime focus) NEQ6 Pro Canon 1000D ISO 1600 Badaar Coma 196 sec (unguided) Saw a few Iridiums and Tumblers this evening, while taking images of comet 103P, plenty of Meteors (good bright ones) flying around. Had a good few hours before thin cloud arrived. John or even Hartley, ;-)
  19. Thats a cracking image Mel, its either to cloudy or to windy here at the moment. Once again very nice image . John
  20. Took a few images the other night, 29 Sept 2010@ 22:41, 103P is there and getting brighter all the time. this was a quick single 142sec shot, not even set the drive up. Just before the Moon popped up. 1000D, 1600ISO, 300P (prime focus), Badaar coma, NEQ6pro.
  21. Excellent images Luke , hope to try again myself when the weather changes! got a few the other evening but not long enough between the clouds. John
  22. Try Calsky.com, excellent for Sats and just about anything else in the skies.
  23. Will see what the sky is like after 01:30am when the street lights go out! I looked lastnight for the Comet and just could not find it Be good to get a few nice images when it gets brighter. John
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