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  1. Hello! Just done the LX mod yesyes style! Thanks alot for all your work Yesyes! And now I am testing the camera and it seems to... almost work.... Sometimes i get a BSOD when i connect the camera (doesnt matter if the switch is on or of) or sometimes it is working and i can take long exposures and then all of a sudden it stops doing long exposure and just works like normal webcam. Tried Sharpcap, wxastrocapture and PHD and got all programs to work after some messing around with the settings. If it stops working and go back to normal mode i can often get it back to work a few frames if I chang
  2. No live view in maximdl. i take short binned 2x2 high iso exposures to find the target works great. Maybe a live view is good for focusing but a 1 or 2 sec exposure is kinda fast also. Dslr shutter is only a small program for timed exposures no viewing. Sent from tapatalk...
  3. Maxim dl works great with Nikon. Dslr shutter works also and its free.
  4. Amazing. Nothing wrong, everything right. Olle
  5. Ok thanks its tapatalk only for me now as i am at hospital with my other half. I better get posting! Olle
  6. Ok Thanks everyone looks like the safest bet is the skywatcher ff/fr. Would've been nice with some options to get diffrent focal ratios, but i go with the safest choice now to avoid problems. Of to find the best price, Oh how can view the classifieds BigBlueOne? And what adapter is that do i need it? Olle
  7. Thanks for your answers Abit hard to see the quality of the stars in the corners when i look on my old HTC legend phone,(cant get to a pc atm) but it doesnt look too bad is it? And its cheaper than the skywatcher and slightly faster too. Anyone tried the Ikharos 0.8 fr/ff on an ed 80? Or any other fr/ff? Olle
  8. Hello! I have just bought a used Skywatcher ed80 and am looking for a ff/fr. I know skywatcher has one that is 0.85 and thats f6.38 Is there any faster alternatives that work good? F6.38 is faster than my old 130/900 f6.9 Newton but not much. Any thoughts appreciated! Oh, using a Nikon D5000 atm. Olle
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Thanks James! No new star yet but there might be clear for a couple of hours tonight Olle
  10. Very nice and only 1 hour, nice setup u got there. Olle
  11. Stunning! I like the Hubble version best nice depth in it. Olle
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