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  1. WOW. My view was no where near this good. No where near this defined. It was worse, far worse than even the 6 inch visual indicated. Im going to wait and see if atmospheric conditions and a cool scope produce some better results. Although it was near perfect darkness, i dont remember what the atmospheric "seeing" was rated at for that night.
  2. Im starting to think that this may be an issue too. I expected everything to be black and white, but i thought i would at least be able to see structure in the galaxies, like the arms on a pinwheel, or at least some dust lanes. So far nothing more than blobs. If thats all im gonna get, then that is that, and i need to start looking into astrophotography if i wanna see more/better. Curse these weak human eyes.
  3. Just out of curiosity, what are some examples of some good eyepieces i could start saving towards?
  4. Awesome advice guys! I have not collimated since i got the scope, so i checked that and it is close, but not right on so im going to start there. Then im going to save for better eyepieces and a larger scope. I was actually looking at M51 the other night and all it looked like was a large blob and a smaller blob. Maybe that's all im going to get with an 8", i have a bit of aperture fever and i want ultimately a 12 or 14 inch dob. The planets look good, and i can see the banding on jupiter, but i cant really remember getting a really good focus on those either. I honestly believe that collimation will solve my problem. Thank you all
  5. So i have a question for the group. Last year i purchased an XT-8 and have used it a little since then but mostly for planetary work. I have found that on deep sky objects, i can never really get a good focus on them. They are extremely fuzzy, to a point that i can tell something is there, but not make out what it is that im looking at. This happens at any magnification using any eyepiece. I have these eyepieces http://www.amazon.co...ds=orion lenses I do my observing in an extremely dark setting, west deserts of utah. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. I undertand im not going to get extreme detail without getting into photography but i really hope that i can at least tell a pinwheel galaxy is a pinwheel galaxy as opposed to just a blobby haze like it is at this point. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you all for the ideas and thank you for that website sunshine, those pictures appear to be taken with the exact scope and 25mm eyepiece i have. that gives me a great idea as to what i will see. Again, thank you all
  7. I should be receiving my new Orion XT8 telescope this weekend. Im planning to head out to the desert where light pollution should be almost none. Im wondering, for a complete beginner, what objects are going to really wow me. I understand that im not gonig to see hubble like detail and color, I just want some ideas of things that you have seen along the way that i could really enjoy. I am only going to have the 25 mm plossl eyepiece, so magnification will be limited. Any advice?
  8. Thank you all for the welcomes, yes i am very lucky to live relatively close to some dark sky. I can drive about a half hour and be in an area that has no light pollution. That is going to be my first stop once my telescope arrives in a day or two.
  9. Howdy everyone. My name is jon, have been wanting to get into astronomy since i was a kid. Had an old department store cheap telescope when i was growing up and loved looking at the moon. I just purchased an Orion XT8 and am looking forward to learning more about the sky.
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