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  1. As ownership of a case full of Naglers and Panoptics has to remain a dream, I looked at Telescope-Service's range of 2" eyepieces as a more affordable alternative -Yeh, I know about Moonfish (got their 2" barlow), but their 30mm/80 deg wasn't out at the time! :- http://www.telescope-service.com/eyepieces/start/eyepiecesstart.html#2inch I've had 2 of them now for a few months - the 38mm/70 deg AFOV (41x in my 'scope) and the 32mm/67 deg AFOV, and to my relatively inexperienced eyes the 32mm in particular seems a little cracker for the dosh (98 Euros = err, £69.00-ish). The 32mm renders beautifully crisp views of star clusters across the whole field in my MN78, and it's a great eyepiece for just drifting through the Milky Way with (I lose myself for hours on a clear night doing just that, but put that down to novice over-enthusiasm!). I've had a number of views through other people's 'budget' 2" eyepieces and I've yet to see anything that came close - do any of you owners of medium/big aperture 'scopes have any experience of this range up against the Moonfish 30mm?? - if so, I would love to hear the opinions of those with a lot more experience than me!
  2. Pete Fantastic picture of one of my favourite targets - Whooo, have I got a long way to go ....
  3. Captain Chaos Yes, the D200! - Acquiring it was a story which typifies me I regret to say (I think):- I was all set to buy a D70s after a lot of research etc., rang my friendly local dealer to talk about the transaction, and said as a joke because they were rare as hen's teeth "Don't suppose you have a D200 in stock?" - Answer: "I'm looking at one on my shelf right now" 'Nuff said - the bank balance shrunk to near zero in an instant and the next morning I had a set of shiny gold boxes to open - It goes without saying I was like a dog with two d**ks, and although I believe I'm a half-decent photographer (should be by now..) I think I have a way to go to get the best out of it! The mirror lock is on the dreaded Nikon Custom Menu screen (no trouble really, but it's meant for sensor cleaning really), takes dark frames, but I haven't found out how to get the 'dog's doodahs' to work yet ..... Did take a couple of test shots of the Moon (of course) with my 127 Mak-Cass (a delightful little beauty, recently acquired) and a surprisingly good one of Venus which seems to astound the non-astronomers round me, but I have to get to grips with interfacing it with my MN78 for some planetary and bigger DSOs ....... ..... and yes, I've recently got Photoshop CS2, and after years of Paint Shop Pro I'm on a learning curve there too! Thanks for your interest and Clear Skies (fat chance here at the moment!)
  4. Thanks one and all for the kind words! So, we have a lot of yokels from the New Forest area on the forum - Any belong to Wessex Astronomical Society 'cos I'm about to join?? After my other hobbies of landscape photography and hill/coast walking I see this as another golden opportunity to get [glow=red,2,300]d**n cold .....!![/glow] Talking of photography, I will be keen to pinch any info on astrophotography, but purpose-made CCD cameras will come (much) later as I'm determined to use my shiny almost-new D200 first despite the limitations of non-modified DSLRs. Thanks again, and I detect a tinge of mild insanity from some of the members' posts which makes me feel right at home ...... Does the insanity stretch to anybody having a G-11 and TV 35mm Panoptic for sale at 50 quid a time ..... No??
  5. ...... Our ageing hero had long held an interest in astronomy, but had never had the wit, wisdom (or money!) to purchase an astro 'scope, but one day:- Well, there I was, sitting on the Dorset coast one summer day watching dolphins out at sea through my binos thinking "What I really need is a spotting scope for this. So......, I buy said spotting 'scope, and while 'playing' with it one night, I looked up at Jupiter - "Blimey! I can see coloured bands round it - tried the Moon - "Stone me! - I can see craters inside other craters!" To bring this silliness to a close, that was two years ago - I'm now the owner of the 'scopes detailed below, handful of eyepieces (even some TVs, courtesy of a well-paid job I had for a while!), and utterly hooked on the hobby. All the above is a very long-winded Hello to all, from a Newbie sat under total cloud cover near the New Forest - Hi Guys! I look forward to soaking up the knowledge, wit and whatever else you share with the forum ...... P.S. Anyone wanna buy a spotting scope .......??
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