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  1. Yes - that was a 'DUHH' moment there Warthog - dumb choice of words! He's a bit shaken at the moment, but he's going to see a specialist on Thursday next so we will know a lot more after that - one way or the other I suspect one or two shots of Wild Turkey will go down during my stay - where's my headache tablets?
  2. Well, if nothing else, the Moon looks good! ...... don't like that cloud haze coming in though .....
  3. A little hamlet called Blaraidh just west of Invermoriston - my oldest mate lives there and he's just been struck with an ailment which is likely to impair his visibility - haven't seen him for about 2 years so time for a natter and a few(!) beers I think!!!!
  4. Vapour trails are a by-product of being on a Heathrow traffic lane I'm afraid - but fingers are well and truly crossed! ....... and I'm off to the Highlands next Wednesday for a few days so the Mak-Cass is travelling with me - fingers are double crossed for that!!
  5. .........it's worth putting the 'scope out to cool? This is the Southern sky as I type so I'm hoping for a good night - how about you guys? (It's been a fair while - total clouds for weeks!)
  6. Well, the view out of the window and the local forecasts do seem to indicate that it could be a promising night down here next to the New Forest - so fingers are very firmly crossed (despite staying up to 4 o'clock this morning to view Jupiter!)
  7. Let's pray for an improvement in weather conditions by then! I'm going to have a go for this - just my time of day (NOT!) - might need a big flask of coffee for this one!
  8. New pic released today:- http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewsr.rss.html?pid=20079
  9. That's a damn fine shot! ...... :salute:
  10. Steve The chip might be the same but I believe that Nikon have developed/improved the algorithms used.
  11. CC Below is a link to a D50 review which might give some insight into noise levels at various ISO settings on the D50 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond50/page17.asp Hope it helps!
  12. Welcome to the forum Andy! :cheers:
  13. Caz Sorry, can't stop - I've got a sky full of stars to look at ......
  14. Yup Steve - got it in one! Who started this thread anyway - Martin? Martin? (bet he's laughing his socks off ....
  15. The strongest thing I've had today is a cup of coffee I'll have you know!
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