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  1. Cripes! Frank Zappa lives! Ah, you're too young ......
  2. Cheers to both daz & Ant: I'm out and about tomorrow so I'll check on Halfords, and I'm sure we've got a Lidl around here somewhere ... :walk:
  3. I had myself wound up to do an all-nighter tonight - then it snows!!! ...... and now look at the view South: It won't last, it can't last ....
  4. Your list of toys looks fine to me! I've got a lot of time for Skywatcher reflectors - I cut my teeth in this hobby with a 130M, and I loved it dearly - delivered all those first sightings that get you hooked good 'n' proper!
  5. Thanks for that CC - very helpful, and it's a good article - the exact screw types differ from the article but it told me what I need to know!
  6. .......... and what does it take to get the 'shy' members to do a post in this thread??? I mean, it's not as though anyone would take the Mickey or anything ......
  7. That tie would make a good set of curtains - and those curtains .......... :laugh: Seriously: great outfit Martin - how do you get on with the Telrad?
  8. Just thought I would 'tweak' the MN78 before what I thought was going to be good night's observing (but it's started snowing - yes, snowing for Lawd's Sake!) In the absence of any instructions concerning collimation, I have assumed that the general idea after adjusting the secondary is to slightly loosen off the big screws at the rear of the 'scope and adjust the mirror using the small hex screws - when I've got it right I just give a gentle tighten back to all screws, just making sure nothing has shifted. Can any MN owners just put my mind at rest that this the right procedure, 'cos I've lost enough hair already ........ :? thanks
  9. My money is on Yes - and that's why your kna**ered! (hope yer did anyway ...) I'm having a go at Saturn tomorrow morning 'cos Metcheck says:- ... have a nice kip!
  10. gaelicstorm7: I must go and see Birr Castle one of these days ... That's the scopes temporary home while I've been acquiring and setting up the focuser, but I've been surprised by how much sky I can cover from there - It covers in the vertical plane between 22deg and 62 deg above the horizon, and horizontally about 45degrees facing South-ish - hardly ideal, but it has meant that I can have a coffee, beer or wine close at hand!
  11. daz: Yes it is the dual speed version, and it is a thing of beauty for those of us who are 'engineering anoraks' about such things - BUT a warning:- Moonlite Focusers are great people to deal with, and the service and help from them was amazing but they don't come cheap, and I was ever-so-slightly taken aback by the request for £67 VAT and duty before the nice man who delivered it would give me the box ..... ..... and just to prove I AM an anorak:
  12. Cheers radioactive = I call her Olga (and a lot of other names when I'm lugging it about)
  13. GazOC Yep, you just loosen off two clamps and you can rotate the OTA - handy!!
  14. telescope4u He hee, now there's an idea - a revolving house! The MN78 has been relegated to staring out of a small skylight window while I ordered, received, fitted and set up the new focuser - the standard one is real dog! Next weekend it's back outside staring at the full sky at a club star party - weather permitting of course
  15. Yep - built like a tank (you should see the crate it came in!), and yes, planets are good - one small bonus is that its focal length ain't miles different to the Mak-Cass so I don't have to buy additional e/pieces - well. that's the theory .....
  16. Thanks all - I was VERY lucky picking up that scope for the dosh I paid - it was a cancelled order and I think the seller needed the money like fast..... My desk IS organised chaos - bit like me really ... 8)
  17. Well shoot!, if we're allowed indoor piccies then here's a contribution to help show up certain 'old hands' who are 'shy' (whaat?)! ...... but why is there a voice in my head saying "Allan, DON'T do this...."!! ...... and yes, my desk is a tip / and yes, I'm a smoker - what the heck ........
  18. I wouldn't change my scopes, but a 1/10th wave mirror set for my MN78 would do me just fine ......... .... and a remote control device that would switch all the lights off for 15 miles radius would be even better!
  19. Thanks to all To Radioactive: Good link, thanks for that mate - I'm working out the sums on getting a charger + battery and seeing if it makes (financial) sense! To daz: Yep, eBay could be a lifesaver - I reckon I can work out the amp-hours required, and it's not as though I'd be running a lot of imaging or dew-zapping gear (....or will I???) I'll drift through the listings and see what I can pick up - I guess you have a charge-it-up-and you can kick-start jumbo jets type power supply?? To telescope4you: - Whoo! That's a mighty kind offer mate, but I live in the depths of the Hampshire-Dorset border and they still hang strangers round here..... Very, very kind, but I wouldn't put you to the bother! Regards to all - and the skies are terrible here, but the Summer Lightning tastes good :bounce:(for ale drinkers ..)
  20. Having just found myself devoid of employment I'm having to squeeze every last ounce of value out of any astro purchases at the moment - I was previously looking to buy a Power Tank type 12V power supply to run the MN78/EQ6 out at local dark sites. I really don't need a built-in torch, croc clips to start the car (I hope!) or built-in microwave oven, so I was after recommendations from you guys who have 'been there-dunnit' for a nice cheap deal on a simple solution - any ideas?? Who needs a job anyway? Could mean I'll be drifting through the Forum during the day looking for other wasters and night shift workers ...
  21. Bet he takes the 'scope with him!!
  22. I didn't post last night nabban, but I do have a Skymax 127, and I can tell you that although Orion uses a strange one-off thread on the actual OTA body, the short visual adaptor you get with the 'scopes are threaded at the outboard end to take a T-adaptor. There are people about selling adaptors to take the odd OTA thread to standard SCT accessory coupling though .... I've only had my Starmax a short while but I took some test shots with my DSLR of the Moon and Saturn and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality - hope this helps, and I also hope you manage to get the 127 version - it rocks! :cheers:
  23. Hi GazOC Yep - Planetary stuff is exactly where it excels, and excel it does! I was actually after the 6" version when I was offered the MN78 at a very attractive price due to a cancelled order (Thanks to Chris at Livingstone Telescopes!) c/w free EQ6! - and in true Russian fashion the construction is well, let's say 'solid'. I get about 2 degrees FOV with my 2" 38mm which is enough for the Pleaides etc., and I've only cranked it up to 285x so far, but I've read reports of people far more experienced than me taking the magnification way higher than this, but that's the limit of my eyepiece ownership (and my skies)at the moment! The bonus of buying it is that if I pop my clogs from heart failure lugging it about, the crate it came in will come in very handy as a coffin....
  24. Thanks GazOC for the compliment re the 'scopes - One of these days I'll drag the MN78 out to a dark site and see what it can really do, but it's so d**n BIG! - think I ought to trade in the car for a Transit or similar
  25. Hi Gaz OC I guess I ought to take the TS 32mm and try it in somebody's 'fast' Newt to see how it behaves then ...... could be the acid test!
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