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  1. well i've got a few hobbies myself that could sap up every penny I have/make.... audio production:synths, photography: lenses, motorcycling:mods etc etc... I think its very easy (especially us blokes) to get drawn into 'gear lust', where you get stuck in buying the 'top of the range' toys more than you actually enjoy the hobby. So for me realising I don't need a room full of top of the range synths to make good music, or a collection of canon L-lenses to take good photograps, or a top of the range brand new motorcycle to enjoy the road... Just like I think I don't need anything other than my
  2. Thanks alot guys fantastic! Because my scope is a skyliner it seems I can attach the tring straight onto the focuser bit without needing the adaptor! Brilliant. Tested it out on some distant chimney pots lol and its focusing great now. I for some reason had this assumption that a T adapdor was necessary, and tried just about every combination of unscrewing bits and pieces but never relised the t-adaptor wasn't necessary so I was always trying with it attached. Thanks a lot guys. So, I now T adaptor for sale!
  3. Hi all, So basically for my first step into taking some shots of moon and planets I bough a t-ring and adaptor for my dslr to attach it to my scope (8inch skliner 200p). And when I insert my camera into the 1.25" barrel on scope and move the focus in as far as it goes, my camera is still not focusing on the moon correctly. Now if I unscrew the 1.25" barrel bit and just "hover" my camera in there, I can see that there is a sweet spot once i move the camera in close enough where it comes into focus... Just wondering if this is a common problem and whats the usual way of fixing it? Im hoping i
  4. maclean


    Me too! especially the great nebula in orion.
  5. maclean


    Perfect skies here and was watching for it to pass through ursa major at around 9.30ish..... Didn't see a thing unfortunitly :-( O well perfect skies here so off to go and look at other stuff!
  6. Brilliant, I feel truely much more informed, thanks.... I will possibly have a look at your book too, Starraver recommends it and his first pics where good, and looking at your site even Patrick Moore has had a read of it and says good things!! Thanks alot guys!
  7. Hey man considering these where first attempts with your new kit, they look pretty dam impressive to me.. These seem like pretty good quality images to me. This strengthens my leaning towards the sub £1000 pound mounts. Many thanks StarRaver. What improvments do you think having some kind of guidance would bring to the table?
  8. Thanks for your input, is some form of autoguiding more or less needed for imaging, or are there closer/larger nebulae that don't require it as much? Reason being, I would rather grow my equiptment slowly, and learn each piece step by step, and hopefully get some results with each new piece, and then get some slightly better results when the next upgrade eventually gets bought. So it would be nice to think I could simply buy a mount, and get some neat images with it, okay maybe not great, but still decent. Then after some months practise with this then buy guidance stuff to then improve much
  9. *Hong kong not japan * BTW is there a way to edit a post in here I couldnt find an edit post button
  10. I like your thinking my friend... I don't know why I didn't already think of this but makes total sense, off to have a look on ebay... Sometimes ebay can be frustrating mind you. There seems to be an abundance of people willing to pay very close to brand new prices for a second hand item which push quite a few auctions out of my personal interest zone lol. I was getting a camera lens that I could get from japan for 500 new and people where paying 420 - 440 on ebay second hand, so I just got it imported from japan brand new, will always get camera equiptment this way now. However i dont thin
  11. Starfox - My current scope is a 8" skyliner 200p, I understand not 'prefect' for DSO imaging, however I know it can still acheive images... The thought of buying everything all at once would make me sick so the idea being to upgrade slowly, and get used to each bit of kit as I add it... So in the future this may not be my scope but I know that it can be strapped to a mount and can produce images therefore its not until much later that I would even think of changing it. So I guess atm, the payload would be a skyliner 200p and a canon 60d, guide scopes etc im not even that far ahead yet so do no
  12. Hi everyone, I guess in the not to distant future I want to slowly but surely put together some imaging kit.. I have a dob scope and a camera and I think the next logical item to buy would be an eq mount.. However regarding EQ mounts, I need to align my expectations and budget, as they seem pricey and I like to be careful with pricey things :-) I will probabbly never spend more than £1500 on a mount so anything above that is just not of interest to me no matter how good it is, I would rather stick to visual than to spend more than this amount on a mount, but to be honest I would really prefer
  13. I thought jupiter looked so much sharper than usual on the 5th there aswell. For me it looked pretty much average when it was initially high enough to be seen over the houses, but after coming in for a few hours and going back out I can only think the combo of my scope cooling to ice cold plus jupiter being higher in sky plus these ideal conditions everyone speeks of that made for some of the sharpest views I've had of any planet. The 4 or 5 moons I could see also looked fantastic all in a straight line almost perfectly evenly spaced.
  14. Thanks for all the input guys, looking at my question now and reading some of your responses, I realise that my questions are not straight forward and slightly invalid in some ways. My head is absolutly buzzing! I guess the problem lies in the fact that our perception of reality is simply a translation from our sensors such as our eyes sending electrical singals to our brain to be 'seen' in the mind. So as I look at this computer screen now, it makes total sense in my head, but the image im seeing is just an electrical signal interprited in my brain! I guess the problem is that reality can b
  15. Ah okay, So for example I have a few camera lenses, but the biggest ranged zoom lens is the 18 - 135mm kit lens that came with it... So I've taken a few messing around shots with this lens, but the moon still appears quite small even @ 135mm, so I just assumed it was impracticle for astro photography to use standard camera lenses. However with the piggy backing you gain solid tracking, therefore does the sky light up like magic when you are able to track for hours with the shutter open?
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