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  1. Hello to all of you reading my post, and thank you too. I have recently aquired a telescope and would like to get to know any people local to me who might be able to show me a thing or two. I live in Bishops Stortford and would like to know of any sites nearby where I can get a good view of the skies. My garden is a bit restrictive and there are too many lights. I'd also like to be shown how to achieve a good polar alignment, as the net seems to be awash with numerous techniques. None of which appear to be easy to follow. I have a SW 200pds and an EQ6 mount, and would like to use my Canon EOS for some astrophotography. If anyone has any advice which may help please get in touch. I do like this forum, it's such an interesting hobby. Liam
  2. hello to anyone who is reading this, I am a newbie and have a few things I need to learn about. I upgraded my eq5 for an EQ6 which looks fantastic but arrived without instructions for the clever goto functions. Could somebody point me in the direction of a pdf file which should get me on my way. Thanks in advance Liam
  3. I adjusted the position of the mounting clamp rings and it fits now, but only just!
  4. I will try and copy the position of your scope and see what happens. I'll take a picture too. Thank you for that.
  5. Can you tell me which case exactly? How does it fit inside and is there room for other bits and pieces?
  6. I bought that case for my 200PDS on the strength of your advice and unfortunately it doesn't fit. There is no way the focuser will fit in either sideways or upwards. I'd love to see how you manage to put yours inside if you have any pictures. My scope is about 340mm across it's widest point where the focuser is, and the box is only 270mm front to back minimum. They have agreed to accept it back as a return as it isn't the same size as is specified on their web site. I am rather dissapointed.
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