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  1. Hi Gem and welcome. I'm a complete beginner myself and have found the people and advice on this site invaluable. Don't be afraid to ask questions (even if you think they're stupid, they aren't) as there's always someone on here that has an answer or a useful link. Print out some star maps and just go out and look up! It's absolutely mind blowing when you start to view what's up there. So many beautiful things to see and discover. I'll stop now as I'm prattling on! Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  2. I've not had my 200p for too long and yesterday I bought Turn Left at Orion (after reading so many good reports about it on this site). The weather's terrible so I've not had chance to use it in the field, however I've had a flick through it and it really does seem to take the mystery out of navigating the night sky. I'm a complete beginner so it's early days yet but the book seems like a good buy.
  3. Hi Lazy Boy and welcome. I'm in Hull as well (off Bricknell Ave) and a total beginner (recently moved up from binoculars to a SkyWatcher Dob). I can only echo what everyone else has said: the forums are great and I've learnt a lot already. Main problem for me has been light pollution!
  4. As a newbie I'm almost sold on the idea of a Telrad. Spec-Chum, your mounting pics are great as we have the same scope so it's great to see one in position. I know this is a stupid question but does a Telrad need to be zeroed in (as with an ordinary finders cope)? If not, how do you know that what's dead centre in the Telrad will be dead centre through the scope EP? Thanks.
  5. That's exactly what I was going to say! Never thought of it before but a great idea for all us beginners.
  6. I've just clicked on to this thread and I can empathise completely with what you've said. I've had my scope for a few weeks now (complete beginner) and there's been very few nights to view (too cloudy, working etc). I was out last night as it was a beautiful clear sky. However, a white, Council street light was in my field of view whenever I tried to move the scope out of one particular area of the garden. My eyes just couldn't adapt so after two and a half hours of frustration I ended up sat in a dark corner of the garden star hopping and trying to ID constellations. Yes, I can see some of the sky as long as I stay in one particular place in the garden but obviously that limits what I can see. Would an LP filter have any effect on white street lighting?
  7. So, after having my Skywatcher 200P Dob for almost three weeks I finally got to take it outside and use it! I was out last night (10/07) for two hours and it was awesome! I'll be honest, at the moment I don't have too much of a clue what I'm actually looking at but simply being able to view anything was a bonus. Zeroed in the finder scope and I was off and away! I'm not sure if I managed to view a double star? Seemed bright in the finder scope and when I looked through the eyepiece there were two stars that were right next to each other. I just spent two happy hours looking up and trying to take in how much stuff is up there. Yes, what I'm viewing doesn't seem to match my Planisphere (still trying to sort that one out) but It was a great first time experience and felt fantastic knowing that I can now view all this...stuff! Thanks for listening.
  8. It's happened again!!!!! Was just driving home from work and saw a fantastic moon, thought I'd get the scope out for my first EVER viewing! And now it's completely clouded over. Doh!
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I eventually went for the Revelation set! The reviews were very good and it seemed a good compromise for a beginner. That being said, I haven't had a single good night to view since I bought them and my scope. Doh!
  10. Well I've had my Skyliner 200P Dob for a week now and I'd say that the adventure has stalled a bit! Yes, I've put on a RACI finder scope and I bought my first copy of Sky at Night Magazine yesterday but so far, no observing. Tons of cloud, winds and rain (I haven't even been able to zero in the finder scope) but no clear nights so far. I'm also on late shifts for the next four nights so it looks like that's it until next Monday when I'm off again. So, still as keen as before (I'd say more so since I got my scope) but not having much luck. Bring on some clear nights when I'm not working!!!!!!
  11. I'm now a full Dob Mob member! Picked up my Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dob yesterday. Just got to wait for the rain to stop now.
  12. Thanks for all the replies so far! It's good to know that there's a lot of us who are just starting out. I built the base unit last night so I'm going to have a good play around with the tube assembly today. The guys at RVO collimated the scope for me in-store so I don't have to worry about that too much just yet. I was going to post a review of the store but apparently I need 50 or more posts for that so I'll put it on here. The guys at the store were great and were more than happy to answer any questions I had (even though they've obviously heard them dozens of times before). They were also quick to add that if I had ANY problems at all after purchase then all I had to do was ring and they'd try and help. The store was packed with gear and they were more than happy for me to spend as much time as I liked just wandering around and looking/tinkering. Price wise, I think they're comparable to all other suppliers. I do a lot of Internet buying but as astronomy gear is so delicate (and has to be 'right' for the buyer) I was happy to drive to a store with an actual physical location. So, a great first scope buying experience! Yes, it's been like a monsoon both pre and post buying but I'm sure the skies'll clear at some point. Hopefully.
  13. I checked my receipt and the scope was £296, the same as on the website. They did knock £5.00 of the eyepiece kit in a price match for me plus the Collimator was free so I did well really.
  14. So, after buying some books a Planisphere and a pair of Celstron binoculars, and doing as much viewing as work and clouds allow, I made the decision to buy my first scope! I drove from Hull to Rotherham this morning and had a play about with the display model in Rother Valley Optics (I'll be posting a review about that in the appropriate section) . 15 minutes later and it's in the back of my car along with a Revelation eyepiece set and a Cheshire Collimator. 1 hour later and I'm back home with the scope...it's a Skywatcher 200P Dob! I initially wanted some kind of GOTO model but after reading all the posts on here and doing weeks of research on the net this seemed the best for me. I'm also slightly exaggerating about the scope being in my kitchen. At the minute it's in two large boxes awaiting assembly. And that's it so far! The adventure/voyage of discovery starts now (although I've been using bino's, having the scope seems different somehow). I know that sounds cliched but that's just what it feels like, I've started taking small steps on a trip that's got so many great things waiting to be discovered by me for the first time. As always, thanks for listening.
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