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  1. Grandchildren are going to spend some time with us in a few month's time. They are city children but are now getting old enough to start finding their way around the night sky. I want to spend some time with them out in the garden showing them around the night sky. We live in rural West Wales and not under the flight path of any international airport, and I was thinking of getting a laser pointer to help me gently introduce them to some of the naked eye sights. What do I need to know about using a laser pointer, and can anyone recommend to me something usable and reasonably priced?
  2. Well thanks folks. Some "illuminating" comments and advice, which is appreciated. Headlight ordered!
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for suggestions for buying a head light. There seem so many types and prices. What should I look out for?
  4. OK so no instructions. Fair enough, at least I'm not missing anything important. thank for the Maxbright notes Star Struck!
  5. I recently picked up a nice reasonably Williams Binoviewer on Ebay that I'm getting to grips with, but it came with no documentation. Can anyone who has purchased a new Williams Binoviewer tell me whether it comes with a manual or even a basic instruction sheet. Though I am getting to grips with the binoviewer, I wouldn't mind a copy of any documentation or instructions to file away in case I one day want to pass it on.
  6. As I suspected, thanks for the comments. I was aware of problems using the 'little tube', that is why I asked the question. My minitrack arrives on Monday so it will b try it and see.
  7. Anyone using a Skywatcher Polar HM5 with a Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2. Is the extra cost and complexity a benefit?
  8. I have recently acquired a used Celestron Nexstar GPS 9.25" Scope that has fitted the Celestron Focus Motor (94142). I have one niggling worry that I am hoping someone might re-assure me about. What happens when you get to the end stop either focusing near or to infinity? Should the motor stop or should the sound of the motor change to give you a clue.? Can you do any damage to the scope or the Focus Motor if you keep it running after the end stop has been reached? Some comment or advice would be appreciated.
  9. Yes, that would be it. I must have missed the bit of "Blurb" and that's what the "NS" represents. thanks!
  10. Does anyone know the difference between the Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2, SET retailing at £139 (https://www.omegon.eu/camera-mounts/omegon-mount-mini-track-lx2-set/p,56106) and the Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2 NS, SET retailing at £169 (https://www.omegon.eu/camera-mounts/omegon-mount-mini-track-lx2-ns-set/p,60258)
  11. I have the Celestron eyepiece and filter set in the aluminium carry case. I have acquired a couple of extra eyepieces and there appears room in the case to cut/drill or otherwise make two extra round inserts in the foam interior. I don’t want to ‘spoil’ or make a mess of the current layout of the eyepieces – I might want to sell it on one day. Has anyone made extra round holes in the foam for eyepieces and it so how best does one tackle the job?
  12. Trouble with having the Focuser fitted is you can't get the 'feel' of the scope
  13. I suppose other Focus motors work in a similar fashion, so how do they indicate you have reached the physical limit?
  14. Hi folks, I recently became the proud owner of a Nexstar XTL GPS 9.25" telescope with a number of extras fitted. This telescope is a bit of a jump for me but I'm getting to know my way around it. Among the extras it has the Celestron Focus Motor (#94142) fitted. My question is about the limits of the focuser both 'in' and 'out'. mine never seems to stop when I hold the button down on the controls to focus close say on a nearby tree, or in the other direction on a a distant object. If I hold the button down the motor seems to go on buzzing away. When it gets to its limit is there any indication? Geoff
  15. Thanks Charic and others for your advice and comment. I have found someone relatively locally who has recently purchased a binoviewer. I'm hoping that once it is set up I might get a chance to test out the experience.
  16. Thanks for the advice. the WO binoviewer with a a pair of WO 20mm eyepieces seems to fit the bill!
  17. I found a Celestron 32mm on Ebay this afternoon that looked identical to my current lens. Closer inspection showed to to be wrongly described - it is a Skywatcher. Hence my question! Looks like I'll have to keep looking.
  18. Hi All My first post, being new to practical astronomy and having just become the proud owner of a Celestron Nexstar 9.25" GPS.. It has a set of Celestron eyepieces with it. I would add my eyesight is not particularly good so I'm thinking of investing in a binoviewer thinking that "two eyes" will be better than one when it come to observing the moon and planets I will need to get a few duplicate second eyepieces - do they HAVE to be identical to my current Celestrons or could I use, say a Skywatch lens instead or maybe the current Celestron Omni Plossls. For example I have a 32mm Celestron Plossl, could it be mated with a 32mm Skywatch Plossl in a binoviewer?
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