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  1. whats one of the best apps for iPhone pls ?
  2. Left it in the end. I only do paypal so the other 2 are out the question. Could be genuine but not risking especially they only joined today and they said Oh and I forgot to tell you I dont have paypal.
  3. Was thinking of buying an eyepiece from there but seller has no paypal account for some reason and has asked for cheque or bank transfer, do you think it should be avoided ?
  4. Just been looking on internet and later on in the year there is this comet due from August, and will be closest between November and December. It should be that good and should be visible in daylight (wow) if it survives its greeting towards the sun. Hope so, this could be spectacular if all goes to plan. Some info here http://www.nightskyh...e Tonight!.html What do you guys think ? Doh, just seen where i should of put this, sorry
  5. Theres a 3 times one here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/tal-x3-barlow-/290898205624?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43bae25bb8
  6. Thanks for that Stargazing00, makes sense now. Back to the drawing board lol
  7. Ah thanks, they range between 60 and 80 pounds new. Am on a budget with new baby due in august so want to pick something up without breaking the bank for obvious reasons.
  8. OK ive decided on a zoom EP for my f/5 200p and have come up with these 3 in my budget, so which one would probably be best pls Celestron 8-24 meade 4000 8-24 meade televue 8-24 Also will they work fine with a Tal barlow ? Many thanks
  9. What a beautiful colour sun right now, someone with a decent camera get a pic, my phone is rubbish
  10. Thats what i thought tbh, 18.00 for a 32mm plossl. Surely (lol) they may be a little better than the standard ones provided May give it a go, not loosing anything really, and it has to be better than my scratched horrible looking 25mm lol
  11. Anybody used one of there 32mm Plossl or one of them 7-21mm zooms ?
  12. Dont know if these will help but ive just printed these off http://www.atmob.org/library/member/skymaps_jsmall.html :grin:
  13. You rang lol :grin: Interesting post though, looking at some of the comments its no wonder it mangles my mind when trying to think how long/far that light has travelled which we are viewing
  14. :eek: ....and it doesnt happen elsewhere you suppose ?????
  15. if you dressed like that and hang-around in the garden @ daft o'clock,im positive you will get locked up lol :grin:
  16. Thanks spec-chum, your thread was what i was looking at, but like you say yours is f/6 Hmmm back to the drawing board again lol
  17. Anybody used one of these on a 200p f/5 explorer, if so how did you find it? Been a couple of half decent threads on the plus side for this EP so would like to know how it looks with the scope above. Thanks
  18. Maybe put a spacer in the focuser of 10 or 20mm so its not all the way out There is a technical word for spacer but its too early in the morning for my brain to function
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