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  1. I suspect she'll never fly again...! Incidentally, have a look at this - not seen this shuttle footage before.
  2. I just bought a 180 skymax mak from FLO. Do you think they might take it back and let me use the refund on the above? Far more exciting bits sticking off it!! Who would guess that the mind of man could even dream of such things. What is Man that thou art mindful of him!
  3. thank you Phillip! (and impressed with your alternative type set skills!)
  4. I'll stick some on here doc, esp when i've done some imaging with it. Really lovely thing. A little gem.
  5. Just had the 7 inch Mak delivered (well done FLO). It is the absolute bomb!! Very lovely indeed piece of kit. Very glad to acquire it. So expect cloud cover to clear aroun January 15th...
  6. Thats the trouble with SnS I think. They do have the knowledge (at least some of the staff), and they have a lovely showroom, but what comes through loud and clear (assuming you can get them on the phone at all...) is that when calling you are not a valued customer with money on the hip, but just another order to be completed. This leads to a poor impression as little more than box shifters (and if, as I say their prices aren't as competitive as someone like FLO), it begs the question as to why order from them. Repeatedly I see examples in threads of poor communication or bluster as to the av
  7. Actually, just ordered a skymax 180 from FLO this morning - first order i've ever made with them and they really seem to have their act together - good price and efficient order taking. Seem to actually WANT customers (unlike the others listed above who come up with tedious regularity in complaint threads). Its funny, but I always thought that while for SnS, customer service is something other companies do, their prices were keen- but calling FLO, they beat them hollow (oh - and the ladyI spoke to at SnS didn't seem especially interested in my custom either...).
  8. thanks guys, Yeah, when I hear stories about other people I knows parents, my folks are really tops. Nothing my old man wouldn't do for my bro and I. I hear about some peoples parents who almost have next to nothing to do with their kids and I guess on the one hand it makes you lucky, on the other I really believe thats what makes a good parent - and I guess what I'll try to pass on when we have kids. Looking forward to the scope- I have been fancy a new instrument with a long f ratio for a while (high mag planetary and stuff). It also means my 6 inch f5 refractor (with paired 4 inch ST100
  9. that me ordering a new scope that is...! Solid cloud until the new year...
  10. gawd, hope my new ones doesn't...!
  11. thanks Doc, lovely to speak with you again since salisbury (what a super weekend!). Hope your dobs staying colimated!
  12. Well, that was a result, my dads a self employed plumber and even though retired had been doing rather well lately. My 42nd is coming up this coming weekend and he's just given me £1100!!!! So, half towards a trip of mine and my partners to Kenya for the annular eclipse in January and the other half on one of the gold Skymax 180 pro mak cassegrains! Happy birthday to me!!!! All my other scopes are quite low f ratio so just the ticket for big aperture, high mag, high resolution planetary. Really looking forward to it, not had a new scope in ages.
  13. Hi all, finally got around to processing my webcam Moon from Tuesday night. Atmosphere was like smeared vaseline. Still, hadn't done the moon in a while and it was lovely looking at the webcam view and exploring the surface at leisure (more comfortable than an eyepiece!) The full disc is a mosaic (the actual non web version is about 30 mb). Quite pleased with Copernicus and Clavius given the conditions. I do hope you all like them - Will probably get around to another process at some point I expect, just glad to have had the time at last. I have a bunch of other closeups to do which I must get
  14. I think given the conditions thats very fair work Helen. Had a brief fiddle with my data last night and coaxing any detail out is a real strain to I think you've done well. 8 inch yes? I used a 6" F5 refractor at F20 (4x barlow) so I hope to get comparable. I think its remarkable you got any detail out at all. Thankfully my Lunar efforts were a bit more sucessful - quite a decent Copernicus and Clavius
  15. Miranda!!! (or Oberon...!) Failing that, Kafflajidhmah (Gamma Ceti). C'mon, you didn't expect serious answers did you ?! (Oh, actually, Mirandas quite good - shakespearean too!)
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