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  1. Hi Pingster, I have a 350 Flextube GOTO. Using a 31mm Nagler and looking at M81 / M82, both are well into the FOV and sight had folks going "Wow!" at a small Star Party I was at in the Spring. So have a go at this great pair of Galaxies and let us know what you think of the 400 Flextube. Tom
  2. I bought a Solarmax II 60 recently from Telescope House. I am enjoying using it, but found that the clamshell it came with didn't have screw holes that fit any dovetail I had. Consequently I ended up having to use a binocular mount threaded single screw to attach it to my Skytee. This simply wasn't good enough to mount on my HEQ5 Pro as it kept slipping, and a lot of scope was in danger of hitting the deck. I 'phoned Telescope House and asked what tube rings / dovetail they recommended. The chap I spoke to said he thought it was daft that Meade didn't supply a dovetail, so Telescope House had manufactured one + screws to fit the clamshell. He asked my address and said that one would be posted to me, free of charge. It arrived today. It is basically a cut down Skywatcher dovetail, with appropriately placed screw holes drilled + two screws that fit this and the clamshell. My Solarscope is now much more securely mounted than before. Thanks for a great service Telescope House. Tom
  3. Nice image Bill. Lots of detail and focus is spot on. Just as I remember seeing it on Saturday afternoon. Tom.
  4. Huge amounts of detail there Catweasle. What a great image. Tom
  5. Alan, They are BRITISH Pounds, not English! England has been part of the Union for three hundred years. Grumpy Scot (and Brit). Tom See you in the "deep South" (Cumbria)
  6. Cheers Kev. Your processing of the image is much better than mine. I will take your advice about exposures and see what i can do over the next few sunny days. Tom
  7. Great - pitch already booked for Friday, saturday and Sunday nights : )) Tom
  8. Thanks Olly. Sorry for slow reply - am in the English lakes and only have intermittant wifi. Tom
  9. Happy with the date and arrangements. I will be there both nights. Currently in Grasmere chilling out, wifi in Hotel is bad, so no long replies from me today. Home soon (unfortunately). Looking forward to Cumbria 3. Love to Nina and Val Tom
  10. Thanks Peter and Merlin66. I will look into your suggestion and get the dovetail bar. Tom
  11. I have just got a Solarmax II 60 BF10 and with the weather being so good this weekend have been trying it out. I am please with the views of prominences, filaments and granulation, but imaging was in my mind when I got the scope. My first image is attached. Nothing great (in comparison to many other images on this forum), but I am pleased with it as a first, single DSLR image. From what I can tell (as a beginner solar imager) there is another learning curve ahead of me. Tom
  12. I have just bought a Solarmax II 60 BF10. The OTA is too narrow for a set of 90mm tube rings, has a circumferance of around 27.2cm, and thus a diameter of about 8.8mm. I have mounted the scope on a Skytee II and it is showing prominences, filaments and granulation nicely, but dont seem to have anything that fits the clamshell to my HEQ5 pro mount (for tracking and thus imaging). What do other people use to mount this scope on a Skywatcher mount? Tom
  13. More beer = double stars Mike : )) Still, the social side was good last time. Cheers Tom
  14. DT - why don't you start a Cumbria 3 star party thread? The Cumbria 2 thread is getting a bit stretched. Regards Tom
  15. DemonB, I don't know how it will be dark by 10.15pm in Northern England. Starry Night says astronomy dark at 11.30pm - still half light at 10.15pm. In Glasgow there is no way I could do any serious astronomy that early in the season. But, as I live 90 miles north of Carlisle perhaps I am wrong and that 1 degree of latitude makes a big difference (but I bet you a beer it doesn't). I can't take more time off work (taking time off for the late August event) so could only stay the Saturday night. Surely better to wait, as July is too early this far north? But up to you DelilahT. Tom
  16. Hope it all works out Ivor. See you at the next observing session. Tom
  17. Book me in Nina, whichever weekend you prefer. Darker skies later in the month (and you Sassenachs get a bank holiday, whilst we Scots slave away (it was ever thus). Saturday 20th August is a 3rd quarter Moon, rising 10pm. Saturday 27th is a new moon, so totally dark skies. Whichever suits You and Val best, I will be there. Tom x
  18. Not sure that it will be very dark in early August, and middle of the month there is a full Moon, although with the Perseids on the 12th -13th it might be worth it. Later in the month gives darker skies and last quarter moon. One night or two - whichever suits DT best, it is up to her. Tom
  19. I started doing that a while back. The bank balance has suffered a bit. Tom
  20. That is an excellent image Stuart. I have been toying with the idea of buying a dedicated solar scope, but the cost is high and the avalable cash is low : ( A great first solar image. Tom
  21. An interesting post Steve. I probably buy 75% of my astro gear from FLO and value our conversations about the pros and cons of different bits of kit. I agree that there are a small number of good retailers across the Uk. I fully expect prices to rise and "bargains" to disappear. C'est la vie. I would prefer to pay a little more to a good supplier and be fairly sure I am getting a good service. Hard times are upon us all and my "disposable cash" is reducing. this Summer is probably my last buying spree for some time. Tom
  22. I just got a Skytee II and Berlebach. I have the use of a PST and have an Ikharus 102ED with a white light filter. So ... I set up the Skytee on the Berlebach, with an HEQ5 extension pillar. It put the eyepiece heights of both the Ikharus and the PST at a nice level. As we are getting some sunshine up here in Scotland today (it has been an awful May/June) I had a look at the Sun. In the PST, there was lots of prominences almost all around the solar disc. There was a particularly large loop prominence about 7pm, with a big area of plage and an associated filament just in from it. Lots of "spike" and "fountain" prominences all around the disc. Moving to the Ikharus 102 (+ white light filter) I could see Sunspot groups 1243 and 1244. 1244 was particularly nice, with about 6-8 spots, with both Umbra and Penumbra clearly visible on the larger ones. All in all a very nice hour's solar observing. The Skytee and Berlebach combination was rock solid, with the slo-mo controls working smoothly and easily. A definite "manual grab n' go" winning combination. Tom
  23. Nice! I am about to get a second hand Skymax 127 on an altaz goto mount. A case like this would be the bees knees. Tom
  24. Best of luck guys. There hasn't been a really clear night up here in West Central Scotland in about 7 weeks. Still, it is never really dark at any point in the "night" over June/July this far North. So roll on mid August and the start of the "Season" up here. Enjoy the Summer skies. Tom
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