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  1. Dear all, thank you for your useful tips, which we surely will take on board. I am convinced we will have a lot of fun with the scope now that you gave us some directions - given some more patience... Cheers, Arthur.
  2. Dear all, I am amazed with all the pictures and success stories in this forum. Well done. Maybe the one or the other could help me out with some good practice for obeserving jupiter and saturn. We have just recently purchased a Skywatcher ED80 and with it some celestron super ploessl (15mm, 10mm, 6mm). Problem is, what we see through this scope does not come near the glossy pictures or in fact your superb shots. question is, do we do something wrong? We see jupiter and the 4 moons all right, but no color and no great spot (supposedly even low powered scopes have no problem picking this up). Same with saturn.Great sight, yet no cassini division in sight. Does one see all this only with cameras/stacked pictures? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Arthur.
  3. Dear all, we recently purchased an ED80. Great fun. We wondered whether somebody could give us some advice as regards what digital camera would go with this scope? What are the minimum requirements to produce some good results (reflex camera? exposure capabilities? etc.). All this of course for a reasonable (non-professional) price and use. Is second hand an option? Thanks. Sierk.
  4. Hi again, it seems theres is not enough inward-focus... (if that means the further we pull the focusser out the blurrier the picture. On the other side the most inward position is with the moon still unfocussed). So there is no way of getting a clear image from the moon with Barlow and the 10mm. What to do? A.D.
  5. Hi Nabban, thanks for your quick reply. We have just spent a fun 10 minutes unscrewing and reassembling every single piece of both the Barlow and the 10mm, but still cannot figure it out. Running the risk of sounding really dense, I will just describe to you what it looks like: the 2"diagonal is on the scope, with the fitting on the end that makes it 1 1/4 ". into that we can fit the Barlow (which seems to consist of two parts, the actual lens part and a sort of mini-tube). On top of that we can neatly slot the 10mm eyepiece (which as we just found out also has two parts!). This seems to be the only way we can puzzle it together. When we tried to refocus on the moon yesterday (no chance today...) I had the feeling we just couldn't focus...something to do with the length, but I just cannot put my finger on it. And, as you can probably see from this mail, our understanding of basic physics and optics is pretty embryonic! Apart from that, you are right, it is a great telescope. We enjoy looking at it ...... more so than looking THROUGH it at the moment. A.D.
  6. Hullo, we finally decided to go for the Skywatcher ED80... It came with a 2'' diagonal, a 10mm Celestron (1.25) and 32mm TS (2") eyepiece. Great fun. Yet, we are a little bit confused what to do with the Barlow... What we mean is, we had a go at the moon with the 10mm Celestron which was fantastic! Yet we wanted to get nearer and opted for the 2x Barlow which (theoretically) should give us an even closer view. But all we got was not the moon but a very blurry image (at best)... What did we do wrong? The Barlow is clean...we tried the focusser... It should work, shouldn't it? (excuse this novice question... is the moon too near for such a 5mm magnification?) . Do we need extra equipment to get this going? Speaking of which which other eyepieces would you recommend with this set-up? As always, any helping posting would be great! A.D.
  7. Hi everybody and thank you very much for all your advice - I am quite convinced now that I will indeed go for the 80 ED. The only thing that is lefft to worry about now is the mount. It seems every dealer in england wants to sell you the EQ 5 - why?? Apart from the fact that it is probably a clever marketing move to enable you to quickly upgrade to a bigger scope using the same mount, it looks dead heavy to me. Why not the EQ3-2 ...... or a Manfrotto? How necessary is the equatorial mount considering that I will not attempt any photography from the beginning (it's going to be hard enough to find anything out there!!!)? Okay...off to the dealer now....(to look at it, not to buy yet, although....weather forecast looks promising....) A.D.
  8. Hi! Another newbie in search for the perfect scope... I read your recent comments about the Skywatcher ED80 and am seriously tempted (also because of the price), but on the other hand.... 80 mm seems rather limited, according to the numerous books & mags I read so far. What is the general opinion here: would you rather go for the 80 mm ED, or for a achromatic larger scope (e.g. Meade 5 AR)? I guess the question really is: how disturbing is the false colour really? Any advice would be very welcome! A.D. :shock:
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