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  1. Hi warped I live in a ground floor flat so I'm pretty limited to what I can focus on. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm trying to focus on an object in order to line up the finderscope. Sub Giant has probably hit the nail on the head as I am trying to focus on things that are closer than 1-2 miles. The problem is that my back garden has quite high fences and I've not really got many distant objects to focus on. I tried to do this in the afternoon but having no joy I got fed up and packed it away!!
  3. Hi Im having trouble focusing my scope on objects in order to align my finderscope! I manage to collimate the mirrors using a hotech but I can't focus on objects through the finder. Can anyone help. The scoop is a skywatcher 8imch don. Thanks Deacon
  4. RIP Neil Armstrong A true pioneer and hero.
  5. Is it difficult to set the Synscan up?
  6. Hi folks I'm looking for some advice. I have my 30th birthday coming up in November which I'm hoping for a new mount possibly with GOTO capabilities. The mount is for my 200p SkyWatcher. I just have a couple of question to ask all you experienced skywatchers: 1. Will a SkyWatcher EQ5 be strong enough to hold the 200p? 2. Is the SkyWatcher Synscan system easy to use and worth the extra cost? Many thanks Deacon
  7. Hi I have a SkyWatcher 200p Dobsonian which is a great scope. After I have collimated the primary mirror I always tighten the locking screws afterwards. My question is do you need to tighten the locking screws or not? If not is there any danger of the mirror moving or falling in the tube!! Will I damage the mirror by tightening the screws? Sorry for these daft questions but any information to dispel this confusion would be great. Best Deaky
  8. Hi guys I have tried collimating the scope a few more times using the Hotech and each time it has been spot on. I think the initial problem was caused by not tighting the adapter enough into the focuser. Im 100% the laser doesnt need collimating, not that I would even dream about fiddling about with it. Thanks for all your input. Deacon
  9. Hi I am using the Hotech laser to collimate my SW 200p dob with no issues at all. However I noticed by accident that after I collimated the scope then removed the laser and then fitted it back into the scope the laser showed the optics were out again albeit not by much. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks Deaky
  10. Hi all Just another question for you guys. Ive been using the Hotech for a couple of months now and its great. In the instruction manual it states you should move the laser to see if its moving loosely in the eyepiece. I have laser tight into the focuser as much as possible. Even so the laser beam on the etched face seems to move slightly. Even more so if I move the laser up and down. Collimation is always spot on so im guessing its nothing but I just wanted to check with you guys. Best Stuart
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