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  1. Hi, once again thanks for the replies. The tip about de focusing was a good one really helped with the alignment issues. Well so far I am still a little perplexed. I found that trying to align 3 stars could be a little hit and miss, so then I tried Autostar 2 star alignment, basically you pick 2 stars out of a pre determined list, the first you align then the second the scope tries to auto align the next star you have picked and you tweak with controls to zoom in. Once you have locked on, you should be alligned. Now as I am new to this I am not too familiar with all stars, so I used Dubhe and Polaris. Do you think I may be using stars that are maybe a bit too close together? Anyway, I used this setup last night, and found that the once it had locked on, I would then ask it to find the moon so as to confirm all was aligned. No problem zeroed in straight to the centre. However, when I then did the "Tour" I couldn't see certain objects, for example Andromedas Galaxy. Do you think that this is because my scope is too weak? or is it a case maybe skies at this time, not dark enough? I was looking around 9 Pm and due to being new, spent a lot of time going from indoors to outdoors, obviously not too good for night vision. I have yet to Collimate the scope, and have bought this item which hopefully should help http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=260369270757 However, using this scope I can cleary see the rings of Saturn as well as the Comet, I have seen Venus, so I thought I would be able to see the Andromeda Galaxy. Is dew the problem, after spending 2 hours in the freezing cold, as soon as I bring the scope back in I can see how much dew is collected on the outside of the scope, maybe this may be restricting my views. I am really enjoying this new found hobbie, however find that it can be frustrating at times. Re the eyepieces, I have invested in 2 Meade Plossl eyepieces as well as a Meade x2 Barlow lens. Must say how impressed I have been with them in comparison to the standard lenses. I also have invested in various coloured filters, haven't really used other than the moon filter.
  2. Hey thanks for the replies. I think I have figured why the scope was out thanks to JGS001 date input in US format, I was entering in Uk format so the scope thinks the date is 3rd of Feb instead of 2nd of March. The Scope was sort of in the right area but not not near enough, once i put the correct date in we should be fine. I think with the other tweaks i.e. correct grid ref for location and hopefully clear skies we should be up and running. Got the adapter as found batteries struggling. Do you think it would be worth buying the cable (not sure which one) to connect mount to computer to download latest software from Celestron?
  3. I already own a Skywatcher 1145. Had absolutly no complaints about that scope, however due to time restraints and damned awful weather don't really get as much time for this hobbie as one would like. Therefore, thought if I get a Go To scope could utilise time as best as possible and let the scope work out what would be worth looking at. Anyway, first night was really hit and miss, was really cloudy and couldn't get scope to align with 3 stars. Second night less cloudy, scope was aligned (said it was) however it wasn't. So my questions to those who have used this system. I live in Southend in Essex, I have selected as London as my location (nearest city). I assume this is right or should I enter an exact GPS location (could get from my sat nav). The time I input is right, however not sure if I should enter Universal time, daylight saving time or time zone?????? When I align do I have to align to the brightest of stars or will any old star do? Is the Skywatcher scope better than the Celestron scope, if so, to attach the Skywatcher to the Go TO Mount I believe I will have to purchase a Dovetail, could anyone point me to what one I will require. What lead will I require to download the most upto date software. Finally, any tips any of you could give re this system would be really grateful.
  4. Once again thanks for the responses. Is this mount http://www.mensgiftshop.com/acatalog/nexstar_60_slt.html the same as this mount http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/celestron/starter-scope/refractor/slt.html If it is, in theory I could get the first one for £156, same price as the second one, however get am extra scope on top. So I could take off the new scope and then add my Skywatcher 1145 to mount. Would that work?
  5. Thanks for the replies, think I will definetly have to get a Go To Would one of these work with my scope? http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/celestron/starter-scope/refractor/slt.html
  6. I currently have a Skywatcher 1145. It's the one without the motor drive or the Go To. I have absolulty no complaints about the scope, it has been great. It is my first scope, which I have owned now for less than six months, and I have been really impressed with my viewing thus far. Let's face it if it wasn't such a good scope it would not have given me the bug. When I first saw Saturn, felt like a little boy again. The problem is I don't get as much time for this as I would like. I work nights and am only able to view at about 4 am, so therefore have to be extremly quiet when taking scope from my conservatory to the garden (I feel like some kind of Thief in the night). As a beginner, I have to run inside the house go to the computer find various locations on Stellarium, then go outside and try to find. Which doesn't help with night vision etc. Thinking about getting another scope, thinking about getting a Go To scope, as think would save a fair bit of time (as well as me running between house and garden) So what do I get? I am satisfied with the little scopes power, However like most things in life if I could go bigger would do so. Looking at the First Light Optics website could probably afford to go for a Skywatcher 130 Go To scope. Would there be much difference between my current scope and the 130 power wise? Anyone suggest any other Go To scope that may be woth a look. I think it really would have to be a Go To Scope just because of time and effort. Is there much difference in size and weight between a 1145 and a 130 as I have found the 1145 very easy to transfer from inside to outside. Is the Go Tos very easy to use, do you have to update all the time? Any info you could provide would be really helpful.
  7. Is it just me or do you try to see the bigger picture when gazing. As soon as I start looking I always come back to the question Where did it all start, where does it end, how was it created, where do I fit in, Is there more than this life, is there a God. Now I know I am just gazing, but for some reason, it makes me ask soo many questions, too which I never get an answer. I understand the scientific explanation of the Big Bang theory, however that still doesn't seem to provide all the answers. I understand the religious take, (I was brought up a Catholic, however turned my back on Religion a long time ago), yet this doesn't come close to explaing it for me. So is it just me or does anyone else ask themselves the big questions whilst gazing?
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170275899019
  9. I must admit I am really surprised at how little chance we all get to view. Before you get into this, you wrongly assume that you can see stars pretty much most nights.
  10. Hey thanks for the replies. I have an EQ1 mount. (skywatcher 1145). Finder and scope are aligned. Thanks for the tip (Mirach) would give it a go but we have cloud cover, hopefully tomorrow night may be better. EA2007, I have Patrick Moores Guide to Stars and Planets, I also have turn left at Orion, however was under the wrong impression that Stellarium would be more accurate, however according to your comments this may not be the case. Will give the books a go. Re the green laser, I thought these were illegal re causing overhead planes a problem.
  11. I have loaded the above onto my computer, (fantastic tool by the way). However, I am really struggling with locating certain stars. Now, I have been reading up and using stellarium and can spot certain easy ones like the Plough, Polaris, Andromeda etc, however if I want to find something else say the Andromeda Galaxy M31 I use Stellarium to tell me where it is, however, can I find it with the scope, can I hell. Could someone please explain very simply what I should be looking at on Stellarium to locate exactly the position in the sky. Thanks.
  12. Since I started this Stargazing thing I have been surprised at how few opportunities you get to stargaze. The amount of days I have been looking forward to get the scope out to find that the night is covered in a thick layer of cloud. This hobbie is one which you cannot gurantee how often or when you can do it. Also it's one of those hobbies when you want to concentrate on a certain area you are unable to. For example I am desperate to see Saturn, however in this area it doesn't really appear until the early hours of the morning. Now this wouldn't be a problem most weekends cause I am a cabbie and work nights therefore when I finish a shift you think all would be ok for some viewing, however the last couple of weekends all I can see is cloud. Also just got myself some filters and am desperate to see the moon under a moon filter (was finding I was getting blinded by the intense white from the moon when last looked) however when I have been up to see it has been to cloudy or simply the moon isn't coming up until to late for me. Anyhow, must say I really enjoying it and spend most days thinking about getting it out (the scope that is) Finally to my question, on average how many nights a month do you think you get to do some good stargazing?
  13. I think at that price I can live with forgetting to turn the light off.
  14. I always forget to turn the red dot light off on my finder scope, as the thing runs on a watch battery I don't think it will last too long. Does anyone know of a finder scope that will work with a skywatcher 1145 that uses AA or AAA batteries?
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