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  1. 0.985. Lol. Hell of a difference one decimal place can make.
  2. Be interesting how it’s compared Optically with my “Svetlana” - Intes Micro 815 deluxe Maksutov Cassegrain 1/9.5 wave optics with a system Strehl of.0985
  3. I had a Mak 180 pro before this. Great scope but the Intes Annihilates it, unfortunately 😂 Intes ceased production last year.
  4. My Intes Micro 815 Deluxe Mak Cassegrain will easily beat a top shelf APO 6-inch refractor on resolution and light grasp and is more apochromatic than any of them. it has a system Strehl ratio of 0.985 - just a smidge short of optical perfection and 1/9.5 wave mirrors. The moon in this thing is absolutely awesome and ridiculous. It will outperform larger SCT’s on finer rendered detail - what is visible in the Intes will be blurs in larger commercial scopes of less optical quality. So aperture sometimes does not rule. Quality over quantity. Its alright getting the light into your scope it’s how the optics “massage” it when it’s in there what matters.
  5. Updated piccys of my lovely “Svetlana”. Intes Micro 815 deluxe. 1/9.5 Optics and a System Strehl Of 0.985 ?
  6. dave armeson

    Dave Armeson

    Intes 815D Lunar Images
  7. dave armeson


    From the album: Dave Armeson

    Intes Micro 815D. Stacked Images using Autostakkert 2, wavelet processing in Registax 6, final tweaks in Pixelmator on MacBook Pro.
  8. My Gorgeous Inter-Micro 815 Deluxe Mak-Cassegrain (1/9.5 wave optics, with a System Strehl Ratio of 0.985), on my EQ8 mount, with an Altair Astro Starbase Tripod at the York A.S. Observatory. Lucky Lad.
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