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  1. Thanks peeps I appreciate all your help I will keep asking more questions. Geoff
  2. Thanks for that information it is just what I wanted to no it sound good it is just now I spend a lot of time indoors as wheelchair access to the back yard is no that good more so in the dark but if it work via my pc i can get myson to take the scope out while I stay in the warm I could do with knowing how it compares to the 130p really. Geoff
  3. I am thinking of getting the above scope looking for advice, I have just sold my 130p so I am Looking for next scope I am disabled and am now spending more time in wheelchair, I would love a scop I could operate from my pc with one one of the many programs available. I have abuot £400 and woud hope I can improve on the 130 p Geoff
  4. I'm not sureeither wht cable is needed I am just trying to work out an east solution for my self as I am disabled and to be in my wheel chair operating my scope would be the answer for me. Som come stargazers one of you will have the knoledge of what I woud need to get the job done Geoff
  5. Hi yes I was very happy but just sold 130p and am hoping to be able to speed a little more on my next scope and would like one with an auto sync goto system and may be able to use it via my pc and the sterillium program
  6. Hi not been here for a while as not been to good, I have just sold my 130 p and now looking at the sky max 127. What do you think is this a good move. Geoff
  7. That what I had to do I held my samsung ace mob to the eye e/p as you can see looked good when I enlarged it but then Chris did his magic with it and it was transformed Geoff
  8. Here is the above image that has been remasterd by a friend. Geoff Thanks Chris
  9. well i thought it was good more so when you zoom in righr enough you get to see the the black spots this was my 1st pic off the sun with baader soer film. Geoff
  10. This was taken with my samsung ace via 130p Geoff
  11. When I take pic via T/S I can never get good colour can anyone tell me how to get colour into my pics. Geoff
  12. Don't think so I think you need one like an android or I phone Blackberry types Don't Quote me on that other StarGazers here may no different. Geoff
  13. Thanks for info on transit of venus app now downloaded. Geoff
  14. I am planning to go up the Great orme in Llandudno N Wales only problem is THE WEATHER NOT WANTING TO PLAY BALL. Geoff
  15. darc

    Just a quick hello

    Hi Darren welcome to SGL I'm new here myself you have come to the right place here everyone here will help you were they can. Geoff
  16. Now got mobile observatory looks good cost me £3.99 if give a lot of info it will take a while to to get to grips with i think. Geoff
  17. The app Mobile Observatory is that an app you pay for ? there are a few place's that say it is free but then they try and £3 or £4 quid of your credit. Geoff
  18. I will have a look at that one to now there be no room left on my phone for things like contacts and text if I keep adding space apps to it (never mind ah)
  19. Thanks For your as usual this is best place to be when you get stuck. Geoff
  20. Thanks It is one I will keep there are so many programs out there its hard to no what to go for I now have google sky and sat track on my android phone. I will keep these for now. (thanks for the input)
  21. Thanks for your help again this site is really a good place to be. Cheers Geoff
  22. Does anyone no how to set up the auto track on the 130p it is not the goto one and I do understand the cruise buttons on it don't do anything I have just looked at the destructions as you do weeks after you get your scope and they ar not very good ? Geoff
  23. Just found an app for my mobile called Sat Track it lets you no were the sats are to your position. Does anyone use it and I would like to no what you think ? Geoff
  24. Hi will the set of ep at £150 fit the S/w 130p Richard. Geoff
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