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  1. Hello, I am from swindon and will hopefully see thepartial solar eclipse approx half 9 this friday sadly i dont have a solar filter, is anyone willing to donate one for the day (if you have a spare) or any viewing equipment designed for this? Cheers Steve
  2. S, I enjoy observing however if professional astronomy doesnt involve a lot of this and mainly analysis is this the wrong career, or as you say there are branches and its not necessarily computer programming etc?
  3. As some of you who have answered some of my many questions will know that i want to pursue astronomy as a career. I am currently studying triple science, maths and an independent study in astronomy which i will take an exam on next year. I know i need to get good grades in these subjects go to collage/uni etc, But after that what happens?! And also like many people i enjoy the observing and analysis side of astronomy, whereas I am not keen on computing, but is computing a major part of a career in this subject? Many thanks Steve
  4. I dont know, despite all the support if there is no room there is no room, so i cannot appeal, and we do not offer it next year only this year and could you expand on astro related work, some more ideas? I did actually have loads of preparations to set up an astronomy club in high worth i had speakers booked, viewing nights a massive filed but no interest so... Well many thanks for the support please spread the word!
  5. Haha, RAL have a set work experience program, and were 3x overbooked so to be honest I dont think I can plead my case!
  6. Many thanks for your support, sadly time is limited so I have got to spread the word to get some options!
  7. Its so hard as you either have to be 16 or applications have closed, silly that they left it this long to be honest
  8. So sadly I applied for the Rutherford Appleton laboratory in Harwell, and after taking quite a while i was sadly declined as they had too may applicants, which has lowered my options completely as many places end applications before March. I have a real interest in astronomy so somewhere that offers this would be brilliant. If anyone has any contacts or knows anywhere that offers this please reply! And I am 15 (some places offer only 16+) Many thanks, Steve
  9. i just realised that I sounded unimpressed, which is completely wrong, I loved it Thanks you for all replies, really helps
  10. Hi all I got my scope out for about 3 hours and was happily observing M42 through my SW 200p (first time viewing orion) and well it appeared a grey. Now I know through scopes like this and pretty much all you cannot get views like Hubble where M42 appears a nice blue/ purple, so I didn't know if you used a larger lens with filters would this colour come through, not necessarily just for m42 but.. Well yes basicly, can you see more detail + colour with filters I suppose the general question is! Cheers, Steve
  11. RIght... I have the skywatcher 127 Mak cas 'supatrak' telescope, so its got a strange keypad with 4 arrows and takes ages to do anything. I was wandering, if I got a goto keypad and put that in the socket rather than the other one would the scope 'become a goto system' - well would it work first of all? Cheers, Steve
  12. Hi guys, just seemed easier to put it on this page as may get some replies! Does anyone know of any star gazing in events happening tonight in Swindon/Wiltshire as BBC didn't help... Thanks, Steve
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