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  1. Hi, I'm finally building up courage to go ahead and centre spot my sw 150 as it hasn't got one ? and have been putting it off and wondered how everything finally turned out for you ? gra
  2. Isn’t it just fantastic, I must admit i tried and failed with a photo, But last night was also my first view of Saturn thru a telescope!! I have seen it with my 20x80 binoculars many times before but the view last night with my 200dob was breathtaking it was so clear and crisp, it makes up for the poor nights we have had, It’s a joy that unless you experience it for yourself is hard to explain, I just sat there from 11.30 till 1.30 in rapture saying over and over again this is so great. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought... :grin: :grin: gra
  3. Great stuff have fun with the new scope. Oh and thanks for letting us know as now I can blame someone else for the poor weather.... :grin: another wet night in Wales gra
  4. oh dear the setting circles on that mount? :eek: its a nice idea but in reality what can i say but in my experience... they are a joke... forget it. its not until you upgrade by a huge extent that you could use them with some confidence and even then im told their not fantastic? gra
  5. 'mariaone' Exactly what my handset does. Would love to hear if a replacement handset fixes the problem. Or else hammer and new mount will be required hey sorry to hear you have the problem aswell, but at least now i know im not going nuts all on my own my handset goes back to ovl tomorrow and i think leighs is going back thurs /fri so watch this space gra
  6. hi leigh thanks I think as they say in this regard " we are not alone" :grin: gra
  7. Hi, I haven’t used the AA battery option at all... First off I did try a 12v power tank and when I became aware of the problem I put it down to that, a reasonable assumption I thought?? But now I’m using a Mains Maplins XM21X PSU regulated DC power supply It has a Fixed 13.8V regulated supply with an output current of 5A continuous And with new cables so I’m fairly confident it’s not a power issue, I have checked the handset to mount leads with a multimeter, and as for the connections, they look and feel good with nice firm fit. Handset fault is my conclusion?? Gra.
  8. never mind you eyes its memory you need to worry about... yes you are on the right lines i think i know its something to do with you eye and the exit pupil but i cant for the life of me at this time remember what? i will have a read and get back to you if i remember gra
  9. hi leigh ok yep no problem as soon as i know i will let you know OVL did say that a low power input or poor batteries can cause problems but i have used both a fully charged power tank and a mains maplins regulated 12v power supply fro FLO and the problem is still present they issued the recall for them to test it is a right pain though, but as james said it a great scope i love it great fun. gra
  10. hi i was in the Telescope House shop in Lingfield the other week and one of the guys there said that they very often have second hand kit he said if you go on their web site and use their contact us link they will be pleased to help? if this helps?
  11. hi James, Yep, I also think that it’s a handset problem, i dont know anyone local with one, all the sheep round here have dobs I bought the scope from 365astronomy and I have contacted them and they have been very helpful indeed, the latest is that OVL are sending a courier to take the handset, cable and mount away on Wednesday, so I will have to report back later on how that goes. gra
  12. hi thanks for this post, I also have the same mount and motor and have been looking for a suitable power source, as im getting a bit of a reputation in my local pound shop as a battery hoarder the skywatcher/celestron power tank has 6v 9v and 12v outputs but to be honest and being cheap I didn’t want to spend that much, I also had a 6v charger lead but pulled it out PDQ as I was unsure. So thanks chaps
  13. Hi brucen, Yes It would seem to me that it is a faulty handset and having read as many of the posts as I have been able to find relating to this and or similar problems it looks like the handsets perhaps have a weakness and can suffer from of range of “glitches” either straight out of the box or over time. I have to say that having spent the last two days in the front room in the warm and light playing with it I have sort of got a rhythm going however it is still a bit of a pain, but as you say in the dark and cold this “pain” I feel would only escalate! I don’t get any of these slew speed pro
  14. Hi Many thanks to Dude_with_the_tube and Ronin Yes right finally its clicked re the eyepiece... my Headmaster used to say I was slow but sure!! That’s Slow to learn and sure to forget!! I was wondering if it was a thinking delay as you mention Ronin! so I have had another play today and have found this only by pressing the keys in this order will the scope move Rate + 9 + ^ + enter This moves the scope! Then I can drop the slew speed down for fine positioning However if I press Rate + any other slew speed button...nothing happens I sat for a good 10 -15 mins today having pressed key 6 and t
  15. hi, i understand what you are saying about the slew rate/speed, and yes anything below 6 is almost a standstill, What bugs me is the fact that i have to do this sort of "restart" at all... just to get it to allow movement for the second star alignment. there is nothing in my instructions about any keypad lock. As i test i tried "the restart" by pressing the slew rate 4 key and sat holding the button for 20mins and nothing at all so i pressed key 9 and ^key and off she went??? i beleive its a fault unless you know differently
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