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  1. Hi Guys, an update - I'm afraid we're getting a date of September/Nov now from iOptron for the first UK/EU shipment of iEQ45 mounts... Second shipment should be around Jan/Feb '11 but pushing for Dec '10. Orders are outstripping supply hence wait-list, sorry about this. The darkfield polar scope is basically one that shows red calibration marks against a dark background. The iEQ45 has a few HBX ports like the Minitower, so maybe you'll be OK with observatory programs...? Thanks, Nick
  2. Here's a article on describing the use of the GSO coma corrector with a galaxy shot which explains the spacing required, I'll try find more Astromart Reviews - Astro-Tech 8in Imaging Newtonian with Astro-Tech Coma Corrector
  3. I'll try answer a few questions on this thread if I may in order to clear up any misconceptions: Yes, this is indeed the same scope, distributed by Altair into both the EU (TS and others) and UK (various co's). It's made by GSO to contract, with enhancements over the previous older model, to optimise it for imaging. Having re-read this thread, there are other points I'd better make in the interests of clarity: One interesting thing I've noticed is that reflectors are embraced more as pure astrographs in Europe, whereas they are seen more as visual instruments in the UK. and also that Olly -
  4. I've been on the list for 6 years now for the following AP scopes: 130mm Starfire the telescope has changed spec a few times since, and I'd assume they've upgraded me to the 130 GT. 105mm Traveler which I think has been discontinued though I've got a TMB92 which does the same job and has better colour correction anyway. and finally a 160mm Starfire F7.5 which has also changed spec but still appears to exist. I was on the list for an AP900 but cancelled after a couple of years as my G11 seemed to do manage OK - but only after two rebuilds and an ovision worm upgrade. Since then, I've changed a
  5. Thanks Stu, we seem to be getting a lot of phone enquiries at present, plus we spend a lot of time with customers in the shop and can't answer the phone at the same time. It can be frustrating for us too. Customers often come to see us because they like to see stuff like the POD and TMS hardware in the flesh. Calls with a customer can last up to an hour if things get technical, and then it's a race to the post office each afternoon at around 4pm too. We always forward the phone on answer but I'm wondering if something isn't right with it (again!) did you ring us and did it just ring out or som
  6. Hi there Confused, apologies the product enquiry webform on our website was pointing to a nonexistent email address (my fault, Doh!) anyway, we're out of stock of the V1.0 Altair 102mm Triplets, but we should have more in about 2 months time.
  7. There are a lot of tests out there on the net. I've noticed PE varies between 50-60 arcsec for the Skywatcher EQ6 but it can get down to about 20 arcsec - which is exceptional considering the price. There are folks who've tuned their EQ6 mounts to perform better - in rare cases down to 10 arc seconds, which is quite exceptional, but I image quite involved. Check out this guide to a cheap way to improve your Skywatcher EQ6 - I'm considering the gearbox solution. I believe Alan at AWR Technology can modify the EQ6 to perform more accurately too by sorting out bearing surfaces tweaking the worm.
  8. I guess the type of upgrade kit you choose depends on whether you're trying to eliminate flexure, or only increase the capacity of the mount. If you want to eliminate flex for imaging, then you need a thicker CW, and your weight as close to the pivot point as possible to eliminate balance issues. You also need to grip the CW shaft tighter so the factory bits making it retractable need to go. Either way, if you use a long heavy OTA like that, you have to take moment arm / leverage into account, and you will still put strain on the mount, which could cause balance issues and premature mechanica
  9. Hi there this is pushing the limits of the EQ6, and I'd recommend beefing it up and possibly re-assembling it before you try it. Nick
  10. Hi Guys, they are manufactured in China. Altair no longer stock these products, having found alternatives and having sold our last few units recently. That link is a link to the old website, which won't persist for much longer, as we clear up caches post-launch of our new ecom site. My apologies for any inconvenience. Best regards, Nick
  11. Hi Diesel I've attached (or attempted to attach) pictures of my pier installation. Here are the steps: 1) Dig a deep hole, about 4 feet if you can if you plan on a heavy mount and scope. 2) Pop a plywood box inside which is varnished to stop it rotting and let it protrude a bit above ground. How large it should be is anyone's guess but I think used about 16 inches on a side. 3) Chuck in all the rubble and stuff you don't ever want to see again and pour in concrete with some ballast. 4) Bolt your L-Bolts to a premade plywood template with the same hole pattern as the pier, then flip the whole l
  12. OK thanks for posting the picture Allan . The "wrap around" one mentioned earlier won't work with this setup. You need a design which makes as even as possible contact with the rear of the mirror, which you can slip around the stalk. Nick
  13. Hi there, is the rear of the mirror visible, or is it sheathed in black plastic? Nick
  14. We'll try our best Ron, thanks for your encouragement! Nick
  15. Thanks Ron, glad to hear you weren't targeting us specifically. Our new ecom site is on the way, and that should helpfully sort out a lot of problems we've had with the existing provider. Light at the end of the tunnel and fingers (and toes) crossed! I've also just bought us a new shop in Aylsham about 10 miles North of Norwich. We are doing some pretty serious restoration work on the property to create stock storage space and have just finished tanking the cellars. Next I'm going to replace the floor and replaster, and then we're hopefully on track... Bit of a mess right now I'm afraid. Havi
  16. Hi there Barkis Nick here from Altair a customer sent us a link to your post and I thought I'd better respond! Sorry we missed you both. If you leave a VM or email us with your phone number, we'll get in touch but sometimes we just don't get the message, or we cant interpret the numbers customers leave. Usually we email-message the customer through our ecom system if an order has been placed but nothing is in stock. Recently however, we spoke to customer who phoned up - and discovered that our ecom system isn't sending out emails or is sending them out intermittently. Either way I'm fed up
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