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  1. As you can see, I'm rapidly running out of space. Just enough for the 10mm Ethos which hopefully, will be my next buy.
  2. Just bought a 2 inch Howie Glatter Collimator with TuBlug. I cannot fail to be impressed by the solid feel of it. It didn't take long for me to collimate the telescope and after checking, I wasn't surprised that it was spot on. The placement of the collimator when checking the secondary mirror did not display any sloppy movement (something I was a little concerned about prior to carrying out the check - considering it's cost) and that lack of movement was mirrored when I used the collimator with the HG TuBlug. It fitted snugly in the eyepiece holder as I checked the primary. I have used up to now, a Hotech SCA Laser Collimator; and although I have been happy with it when collimating, I have to say, that I prefer the HG it's an impressive piece of equipment. I've also used the HG Parallizer with a Baader collimator and not only does the parallizer feel solid but it held the collimator securely in place which I'd checked on numerous occasions and did not notice any deviation.
  3. Thanks for the advice and info everyone. I already use a Lumicon UHC filter among the ordinary filters , but I'm going to have to buy an OIII this week. Thanks again.
  4. Skynovice

    My Equipment

    Orion SkyQuest xx12i with EPs and IMG_0716.JPG
  5. Nick, Your suggestion about using this link was brilliant. Thanks I will use it in the future. S. http://www.atmob.org...aps_jsmall.html
  6. My first books were Nightwatch by Terence Dickinson or Turn Left at Orion by Consolmagno and Davis. They will but you on a good footing to progress - but it all depends on how much knowledge you have on the subject already. S.
  7. Thanks to you all for the replies. Yes Don, I currently use a Lumicon UHC and I've been happy with it so far, but I think I will have to take the jump and buy the O-III. At the moment, it's looking like either a Lumicon or a Baader make. S.
  8. I confess to being an Ethos junkie. At the moment, no other make/type will do. They don't suit everyone. My advise is to buy what you feel comfortable with (if price is not going to depress you).
  9. Skynovice

    IMG 0716

    From the album: My Equipment

    My eyepieces and filters (Note: there is space for a Tele Vue Ethos 10mm - A bit of diplomacy perhaps, is required with my wife!!!).
  10. Skynovice

    IMG 0712

    From the album: My Equipment

    Orion SkyQuest xx12i Intelliscope.
  11. Skynovice

    IMG 0708

    From the album: My Equipment

    Fitted with 21mm Tele Vue Ethos eyepiece with Paracorr-2.
  12. Skynovice

    IMG 0710

    From the album: My Equipment

    This is my (as my wife would describe it ("toy"). It is fitted with a Tele Vue Paracorr-2 and a 21mm Ethos EP.
  13. Hello Francis, Does the circular attachment suit a types of telescopes or is it more suitable for one type more that the others? S.
  14. This is one of my favourite books. I do however, use it with the Finder Charts books series by Brent Watson, when studying an object. S.
  15. Hello Chris G3484, I was browsing through SGL and saw your initial question regarding sights near Exeter. Have you found a good enough site yet?
  16. My home insurance covers mine; but I would advise you to check with your insurers that you have full cover as regards to your policy. S.
  17. Hello Paul, I have a 12 inch SkyQuest Dob (with struts). If I had bought a full tube (even a 10 inch) dob, I think at some point it would have been a struggle to set up on my own. However having bought the two-sectioned version, I have found it a simple exercise to move and set up. I think the best advice would be to have a look at both the full OTA and the strutted versions before you make your mind up. S.
  18. I have been thinking about purchasing an OIII filter for some time. After some research, I've narrowed the choice down to either a Lumicon or a Baader filter. As was said earlier, "You get what you pay for". S.
  19. I currently use Starry Night Pro 6. I'm happy with it as it suits my requirements. S.
  20. I too, have been using a Baader laser for a while now. However, I bought a Hotech laser colliator a few months ago and have used it ever since. The Hotech was definitely a good choice for me. Your comment about the batteries is correct. It was one of the reasons for the change. S.
  21. Hi Nick, That's it. I've just ordered a HG Parallizer. So far, I have yet to read anything that is negative about it. Can't wait to try it out when it gets here. S.
  22. Hello, I'm considering purchasing an OIII filter. Up to now, I've been hesitant about obtaining one for visual observation. Are they worth the purchase? S.
  23. Hello, I have added a 3.7mm to my Tele Vue Ethos set and I,'m seriously considering buying a 10mm Delos. If you have one, could you tell me what your views of it are and if you have any problems with it? Thanks
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