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  1. ok, i found a video that looks like what I was tracking... note: the views and opinions of the video poster are not shared by myself, or any sane individual. however they seemed to be more like black balls, with holes of light. spinning. g damit, I wont turn into a UFO crackpot I swear.
  2. and ALSO, it was not until I finally came inside did I google search to figure out what they were and read about the meteor in the UK. is it possible other meteors missed... and perhaps moved very slowly?
  3. just to be completely clear, I will start preparing for y2k before I believe they were anything ... unidentifiable.
  4. I couldn't say for sure if they were moving in unison, as they were located significantly far apart, the brightest was directly overhead, the other was 50°east and the 3rd most predominant was southeast, about 30° above the horizon. I thought about satellites, but having followed one through sunrise, it made me doubt it.
  5. I AM NOT CRAZY, I swear. again, I saw what I thought was a moving object before I even got my telescope out, which made me take out my telescope. so terrible optics aside, something was moving in the heavens last night.
  6. no, in the 4 hours they moved probably 10°. it took at least 3 to 4 mins to travel across my 10mm eyepiece.
  7. no, they did not flash. they were not airplanes. again, I was tracking one through sunrise, visible through the blue backdrop, but no longer visible to the naked eye.
  8. they could not have possibly been aircraft, unless of course they were on fire, and moved incredibly slowly - they were all visible throughout the night (over the span of 4 hours), moving steadily, and consistently.
  9. they were moving south to north, and they were moving absolutly faster than the stars around them. they were also significantly brighter (which made me consistantly bump up the magnification to eventually the 4mm with 2x barlow, which they were still very bright in) they were also distinctly different from any stars around them. even in the 10mm eyepiece, I could clearly see a cone trail.
  10. you are probably right, although, these objects were certainly moving, infact, what made me pull out my scope in the first place was noticing a shimmering star that I thought was moving when I went to the store. the stars in the background were clear, sharp, and these objects were moving relative to them. I apologise for my naivety, and I acknowledge it, but I am confident in my assertions. Please understand that I also spent a lot of time with just a 10mm lens.
  11. certainly not chinese lanterns. unless they're powered by nuclear fusion. I was tracking one well after sunrise, and it was visible THROUGH some clouds. 3 specifically where some of the birghtest objects in the sky.
  12. srsly, no drugs, and april fools was yesturday... im still searching everywhere to see if anyone else saw these things... could they simply have been early meteors from Lyrids?
  13. oh to clarify, I was only playing around with the 2x barlow in tandum with the 4mm eyepiece towards the end of the night - I really wanted to see what they were. I do not have a motorized mount, but i must admit i have amazing dexterity and I can follow quite well with the 2x + 4mm. but anyways, the observations I made were mainly with just the 4mm eyepiece, (and sometimes with the 10mm and 2x barlow) and I used my 10mm eyepiece when i would lose the object (rogue clouds). I spent a good 4 hours following these things. and to further clarify, I am from windsor, ontario, so perhaps your skie
  14. welcome to the forums dooces! thanks dooces! So im new to stargazing having recently bought my 5". having only spent a couple (clear) nights with it, im not sure what it was I was following last night. I may be crazy, but I swear I was following at least 3 comets / meteors / very slow planes on fire / very slow ufos on fire last night. ive searched everywhere for stargazing "events" and have found nothing to explain what they were... they were moving fast enough were I couldn't go 30 seconds without re-centring with a 4mm eyepiece, and I had to constantly move it with the 2x barlow and th
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