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  1. What welcome. I should point out that I'm not confused by 'heavy' or 'light' Both have numerous meanings & it was intentional to use opposing words together (just my sense of humour). Terry
  2. I,ve been interested in astronomy for many years but only recently bought a telescope & binoculars. Unfortuneatly there is heavy light (confused?) polution in my garden & although I can see some individual stars, it's almost impossible to see constellations which makes it difficult to navigate the sky. I have already signed the light pollution petition. The binoculars are portable, I drive about one mile from home where the sky is fairly dark to the west of Bristol. Reflector, Skywhatcher Explorer 150P f/5. EQ3-2 mount 10mm & 25mm eyepieces 8-24mm zoom eyepiece x2 Barlow Light
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