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  1. Hi again and yes it is 0525hrs on Bank holiday Sunday. I have just come to a final decision that DSO's are not for me with my 4" refractor or 6" reflector. I couldn't sleep last night so after tossing back & forth and waking "She who should not be disturbed" I got up. I walked into the kitchen without putting the light on and there infront of me through the window was a wonderfull site. Orion in its full glory. The sky was Chrystal clear. Taurus was displaying its full spender with Gemini looking on. At 4.30am I was on the patio with my binoculars, slippers, dressing gown and nothing else. I had a great half an hour before the cold around the nether regions brought me back to my senses. At 5.00 am through a black strip of cloud came a brilliant Venus with Saturn just up to the right. As they were low down and behind some houses I had to see them from an upstairs room through the window with the bins. When I consider the hours I have spend looking out for those "amazing" DSO's and finding a grey smudge, from now on my scopes are for the moon and planets and the bins for the rest of the sky. If you were sleeping like a babe this pleasant morning you have missed a treat. Next time I cannot sleep I will get dressed before I come downstairs as it is getting colder out there.
  2. Hi folks, the night before last the sky finally cleared of cloud and I took full advantage of the opportunity. After a couple of hours using my 4” refractor and the 6” reflector I began to question what I had actually seen. I had found M13 & M57 but neither could be described as breath taking. On the other hand my binocular view of Perseus and others were a real pleasure. There is nothing wrong with the scopes but I now ask myself whether smallish scopes are really worth using for DSO. I can now see the attraction of astrophotography (although it is not for me), as it does produce amazing images. I think the size of scopes that I have are at their best for the moon and planets. Maybe I will have more enjoyment from my bins than the scopes when the moon and planets are not available from my location, which does suffer from LP. Having thrown the cat amongst the pigeons I wonder what other members think about this view and if the Bins V Scope debate is a worthy discussion point.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been away for a few days. Many thanks for the advice, Iwill give your advice a try and see if I get any improvement. I have just been given a 6" reflector to try out so I hope that the sky gods are in a good mood and give us clear skys. Suttonguitar
  4. Hi everybody. I have come to the forum to seek your advice. I have been looking skyward for the last 18 months after my wife bought me an ETX70 as a Christmas present. I found I could not get on with it and after, what I thought was plenty of research! bought an Evostar-102 (EQ3-2) from a reputable telescope dealer. I live just outside Birmingham, UK with plenty of light pollution and have to make use of a circle virtually overhead for my observations. I was given the impression that a 4” refractor was equal to a 6” reflector and would find it easier to handle, especially as I have a back problem. I am now disappointed in what I can see and I don’t know if I am expecting too much from this scope or if I am going about it in the wrong way. The planets fail to reveal the detail suggested in the Sky At Night Mag for example Jupitor’s red spot, despite using all my lenses (32/25/15/9mm). When I seek out the deep sky objects such as M13 the resultant images are little better, if at all, than what I can see with my 10X50 binoculars. I am now finding that I am only using the scope to look at the moon and spend the rest of the time with the binoculars. I know I am never going to see images like those printed in magazines but I was hoping for a little more than what I am seeing especially for example M13 as only a grey smudge. I would really appreciate your advice as to whether I have gone down the wrong road and with my viewing location and a limited budget should cut my losses and go for a different option or it is me rather than the scope. I apologise for the length of this post but eagerly look forward to your coments.
  5. Hi folks I am rather new at skywatching and I am becoming more and more disappointed at what I can see with my new Skywatcher 102mm refractor. I read your posts and you appear to be able to see so much more than I can or magazines such as Sky at Night say you should be able to see. I have just been able to go out tonight for the first time in ages and found Saturn. I could see it clearly but even with filters I could not make out the division in the rings. When I looked at Mars on a previous night I could see a nice red ball! I had a 6" reflector but if I moved on the ground too hard it would shake and take an age to steady itself by which time the object had moved out of view and needed to be re centred thus starting the whole shaking process over again. This is why I did some reasearch and bought the refractor from a reputable dealer. I find my 10x50 binoculars give me a much more rewarding evening than the telescope. The question is am I doing something wrong or have I seen what this telescope is able to show me? I would appreciate your adive. Many thanks Suttonguitar
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