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  1. My kit has sat idle since I moved house two years ago, though I can feel myself becoming more inclined to take it up again. I really ought to as well, I only ever made two images; one's below and I lost the other (Orion Nebula). There's loads I could be doing. I've ended up using my 600D for conventional photography. I bought an ultra wide lens last year for night sky stuff and tonight was the first time I've actually pointed it upwards; turns out I've forgotten how to use APT and DSS too.
  2. Thanks. I notice from your sig that we have very similar setups, what's the longest sub you've managed with the dual motors? When I took that image I'd (probably more by luck than judgement) managed to achieve almost perfect polar alignment. I wish I'd pushed it a bit and got either more or longer subs.
  3. Hi all. This is only my fourth or fifth attempt at a DSO and the first time I've had the scope out this year. I had a crack at M13 last night but I don't seem to be able to get any colour out; I ended up with a very monochrome image. I was pleased with the amount of stars in the cluster, but disappointed at the lack of colour. Also, the circular bands you can see, any ideas? I've toned them down as far as possible using levels and curves in P'shop but they were very pronounced at first. 227 x 20sec subs at ISO 800 Stacked in DSS I did a few smaller stacks of 50 frames and they seemed more willing to give some colour.
  4. As soon as I hit submit I thought, hang on.....duh @ me.
  5. I love the plane shot. I've had a few nice shots using just my phone but I've yet to get a modded webcam to yield a result.
  6. There's probably a bunch of people in India, and various south American and African countries who'd gladly swap with you.
  7. Hm! Perhaps National Geographic should take a leaf out of the Discovery Channel's book. NG's telescopes are rubbish. What? Oh...
  8. You likely find that people recommend downloading Stellarium also. I have TLaO but as it's on my Kindle, it's difficult to leaf through and also unreadable in the dark. I also seem to have bought an out date version somehow. I've found Stellarium to be invaluable for star-hopping and learning the night sky in general. I have the same finder scope as you and it's been more than adequate. I've added a Rigel Quikfinder (alternative to a Telrad) for finding objects; it doesn't magnify the sky when you look through it but when properly aligned, it makes aiming your scope a breeze. They're cheaper than an eyepiece or a new finder scope too.
  9. I should add that my conditions were also a lot better than yours sounded. Clear sky, no wind, little moon.
  10. You did better than I did with twice the data! Check out my first attempt from a couple of weeks ago with twice the data, mangled in Photoshop it is woeful. 99 x 20sec subs at ISO 800. I'm only posting because my setup is similar to yours in that I'm also limited to 20 second subs, my mount tracks but is not guided (slightly overloaded EQ-5). You can see the edges of the stack where it drifted out and I apparently adjusted my scope by banging it with a rock. M42 was quite low in an area of orange glow, I hadn't really bothered to let my scope cool properly, there are no darks or flats, 3 pints of Peroni, the list of faults is endless.
  11. If it is one of these: http://www.tesco.com/direct/how-cool-is-this-telescience-telescope/209-6276.prd then they are the sort of 400 X Magnification!!!one!! junk you would expect. I bought one a year or so ago for a seven year old to fiddle about with while I was out in the garden with my own scope. It gave him something to swing around wildly and he liked playing at swapping EPs etc. You can see the moon reasonably clearly through it, but that's about all. It's mainly plastic and now spends it's life as a dust guard for a small area of shelving. I noticed this on the same site though, for an extra fiver: http://www.tesco.com/direct/celestron-powerseeker-50az-table-top-telescope/213-7421.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=213-7421 I wish it had been around when I bought the other one.
  12. If you can keep your extremities warm, that's half the battle. The blood returning from your hands and feet won't cool quite as much and your core temperature will stay up, enabling you to stay out for longer. Also layers.
  13. I've pretty much given up on buying cheap webcams and then finding out that they are useless (I still have a couple of 'Asda-cams' in my case). I'm not about to blow £1000 on a camera just yet (I only have a 200P), but I thought I'd go for something designed for the job. I've been looking at these for planetary: CMOS - http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Imagers-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_0_50_87 CCD - http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Imagers-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_0_50_101 Both are the same price (£149) yet the CMOS seems to be better specced and is suitable for guiding; I plan to ST4 mod at some point and one camera to do both jobs would be ideal. My question is, is a CCD likely to be that much better still, given that the whole SPC900/Toucam thing was a few years back now?
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