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  1. No, not new. Mechanically, it is sound. Cosmetically, it is good. Can't say more than that.
  2. The heating element is 93cms, not counting elastic and velcro. That makes the diameter 29.5cms or 11.5" if I've got that right. It appears bigger than I thought but I've used this on a 925 sct and 152mm Refractor. Regards
  3. As per title The length of the heating element is 93cms, plus elastic and velcro. Should fit a tube of 10" but I have used it on 925 and a 152mm Refractor Excellent condition £20+£4 signed for postage
  4. As per title 2 channels Excellent condition £25+£4 signed for postage
  5. As per title Good used condition £20+£4 signed for postage PayPal preferred
  6. Earthwin PFS-B Binoviewer with Baader T2 Prism and Precise Parts Adaptor This is the Newtonian version but can also be used with SCT and Refractors. The body of the binoviewer can be removed from the power switch and connected directly to the T2 Prism using the adaptor, giving the shortest possible light path and therefore the widest FOV, ideal for a wide field refractor. Also includes 2xGPC which screw into the nose of the bino for Newtonian use. All in good condition Please contact me with any questions £500+£10 shipping PayPal preferred.
  7. Key AF6-KL Observing Chair Excellent condition Height is easily adjusted by lifting the front of the seat and sliding, pushing the seat back down locks it in place. The seat swivels from side to side as well. You can also alter the pitch of the seat. Rubber feet and wheels on the back side of the base. Approx 10kg Reviews online £65+£10 shipping
  8. As per title, in good condition £50+£15 shipping PayPal preferred
  9. 152mm/6" Wide Field F5.9 Refractor by Astrotelescopes Dual speed rotatable Crayford 2" Focuser with 1.25" adaptor Retractable Dew Shield Vixen Metal screw in lens cap Collimatable objective Good internal baffles Soft, foam lined case on wheels Well looked after £350+£15 shipping
  10. Hi I have one I'm selling it you're still looking. Cheers Duncan
  11. Congrats..... Let us know when you get to have a look through them. If you can stretch to a pair of 24mm Panoptics, you will be in heaven.
  12. If you have a look on Cloudy Nights forum, you will find a dedicated section for Binoviewers, which is very informative. One thing to consider is that the FOV will be much smaller with the BV. 15x70 is 4.5 degrees and the BV will be between 1-1.5 degrees depending on scope and set up. Rule of thumb would be BV for planets and doubles, Binos for all else.
  13. These are mind-blowing bins, the first real detailed look at the MW I had was through these. I sold that pair in search of other instruments but recently bought another as I found myself missing them. They are also good to look at, as well as good to look through. They are on the heavy side but worth the effort IMO. Highly recommended.
  14. Glad to hear it's sorted ........has it made a noticeable difference under the stars?
  15. There's a lot to be said for two-eyed viewing......and when you start off with two eyes, it becomes hard to leave it behind, I keep coming back to it :-)
  16. One thing you have to watch for is the lubricant that is used to faciltate the movement of the primary leeching out and dripping down onto the corrector plate. It's not hugely common but I have heard of it happening on occasions. On balance, I'd say horizontal would be the safest but you probably would be ok with it stored vertically, just make sure to check it now and again.
  17. Have you considered using your C9.25 for planetary imaging.....? I've captured some reasonable images with my CPC925 and a Pentax DSLR and I'm no imager. Damien Peach, widely regarded as one of the best planetary imagers around, uses a C925 a lot of the time. It will beat an achro hands down for this kind of thing. The achro will excel at Deep Sky wide views where the 925 will not.
  18. Hi Stuart Have you tried de-focusing one side? If you have the focused star within the defocused circle, the nearer the centre the better, then your collimation is ok As far as the level of the exit pupils go, I can't say, my eyes are at different levels and one is deeper set due to a forceps birth. This adds to the variables to the extent that all bets are off. I don't look like the elephant man, by the way.
  19. I find driving in the dark and I mean pitch black, much safer, when you can see an approaching car miles away, there are no nasty surprises. I would say the same would apply when you are on foot and if you are unable to avoid a car with its lights on then you are either very drunk or it amounts to a form of natural selection.
  20. I feel the authorities in this country have an indifferent attitude to road safety. As though a certain percentage of fatalities are acceptable. Accidents don't just happen, they happen for a reason, often stupidity and they can be avoided in most cases. I drive country roads and have often been a matter of seconds away from serious crashes, none of my doing. I really do not care to meet my death in the form of a bug eyed teenager, frothing at the mouth as he piles into the bonnet of my families car or likewise some feckless, selfish,impatient bufoon appearing through my rear window after tailgating me into the path of a stag crossing the road . All this kind of nonsense could be avoided if we had a properly instilled sense of common decency, which should have been fostered years ago. Instead I have to watch people in their 50s 60s and 70s behaving with casual disregard for speed limits and other folks lives. It's not just teenagers. It's nothing to do with street lighting, it's to do with thought for others. And the Daily Fail can take a running leap as well. But ultimately it is the fault of the law makers and leaders, death on the roads can be avoided and stopped......if there is the will to do so.
  21. I found the collimation instructions that TS sent me......it's all in German but easy enough to work out. It should be attached to this post....it's a Word Document. Good Luck. JustageanleitungMX Gläser.docx
  22. The Sumerian Dobs are a work of Art. And practical. If you can swallow the cost, go for it. I've been tempted but will wait for a windfall.
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