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  1. My girlfriend and I have just moved from a 2nd floor flat into a 2 bedroom house (part of the reason we want to start star gazing - nice size garden, no stairs to lug equipment up and down etc). Lifting is no problem anyway (25 and fitness consultant/crossfitter so pretty healthy lol) We just want a half decent scope to observe planets, stars etc. Nothing too serious just something good enough for some breathtaking views
  2. Hi, Please excuse my ignorance as i am new to star gazing, but i cannot decide which telescope to buy. I have done some research and narrowed it down to 2. Either the Sky Watcher Capricorn 70mm EQ1, or the Sky Watcher Evostar 90 (90mm EQ2). Price is only £40 difference but i wasnt sure if the Evostar would be more complicated to use, and if it was worth buying the 'starter' scope first? Any help/advise would be appreciated. Tommy
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