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  1. Hi Martin, Welcome to SGL. Bill
  2. Hi, I have just found this free planetarium software and wondered if others may be interested in it. Possily some of you already know of it - http://www.haydenplanetarium.org/universe/download/ Bill
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies - I have gone with Microsoft ICE. Bill
  4. Hi, Can somone recommend a free or low cost software program that automatically joins deep sky images together. I have a Celestron C8 (with 6.3 focal reducer) and I am using an Atik Titan CCD. Hence, I can only get a small part of M31 in a single image. Keeping the core of M31 in view, I have taken subs of the four quadrants of M31. However, even though I have kept the settings the same, I have noticed that the edges of aligned and combined quadrants vary in brightness. Is there a way around this problem? Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi Lewis, I live in the Stalham area (in northeast Norfolk) and find it hard to get accurate weather forecasts. I normally use the online BBC weather service but sometimes it is totally incorrect! I wonder if the problem is that the northeast coast of Norfolk is affected by wind comming off the North Sea. I have noticed in the past that when the TV says that the entire country is in full sunshine, in northeast Norfolk we have clouds off the North Sea. I now accept that any weather forecast is just a possibility and I rely upon a visual observation just before dark. However, I will try Sat 24 a
  6. Hi, Up to now, I have stored my CG5 GOTO mount, optical tube, CCD, electronic focuser, etc in a small timber shed in the garden. During the Winter, how bad would it be if I put these away when covered in condesation, especially the electronics? I thought about one of those humidity absorbers that uses crystals, putting all my eyepices, the CCD, etc in airtight tupperware boxes with silica gel packs and cutting small holes in the shed to ensure a cross air flow. However, I do not know what to do with the GOTO mount (full of electronics) as it is quite large. What do other people do? Bill
  7. Hi, Initially I had problems connecting a CG5 mount to my Laptop running Stellarium (using a RS232 to USB conversion cable), until I installed a software driver, which came with the conversion cable. Good luck, Bill
  8. Hi, Earlier this year I took up the hobby of astronomy again, after a break of some fifteen years. I used to have a TAL II and enjoyed using it for astro-photography using a Zenith E (?) 35mm SLR camera. I came across this forum by chance and used it, along with other sources, to help me decide on what telescope and equipment to buy. I find the forum to be a good source of information and the people on it appear to be friendly and helpful. Anyway, I thought it about time that I write and introduce myself. I eventually purchased a Celestron C8 on a CG5 GOTO mount with an Atik Titan mono CCD fro
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