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  1. 2 new series on the history channel, 4th April, Beginners guide to the cosmos, and an updated version of the Universe series
  2. Right ho, had a good think about it and have today sent my issue 3, etc back to them, as I really cannot justfy the near £400 this time around
  3. Final part arrived today, along with the first 3 sssues of the orbiter - there is also a replacement gear in the packaging with the Power supply which I assume is the moon/earth gear. Once I have sorted the shoe polish on the last of the 3 parts, I am off to build it.....
  4. for those who have blackened their orrery, have you done the 2 plates and the ring? I am struggling to get the polish into the ring and the plate that came with issue 7 (the one with all the lines, not the one with the date in roman numerals in the center
  5. which number is my account number for the eaglemoss stuff? is it the one beginning SY, or S (above my address on the grey bags the orbiter stuff comes in)
  6. went over to the "dark side" earlier, they are mentioning that with #52, we will be automatically getting a replacement gear for the earth/moon....anyone else heard about this?? http://forum.skyatnightmagazine.com/tm.asp?m=61909&mpage=32&key=
  7. hope they keep up with the quality of the mags as i suspect there will be a lot of repetition in the new one (Also, why does the earth look so cheap and plasticky on the issue 1 of the new model. it looks like its 2 halfs glued together, you can even see the seam on it)
  8. so how do you cancel then? just stop the DD? or do you need to tell the magazine company??
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MOTORISED-SOLAR-SYSTEM-ORRERY-IN-SOLID-BRASS_W0QQitemZ220370619127QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Collectables_Scientific_MJ?hash=item220370619127&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1683|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 £200 so far, thought there would be more than just 2 of them up for sale on fleabay so far.......
  10. For those who are looking at signing up for this, saves mixing it up with the solar system one..... http://www.build-model-orbiter.com/ Anyone doing this then?
  11. mine came too, just waiting a plug now......Typical though, we are away this weekend, so i cannot build it yet!
  12. so have you got your latest issues?(48-51)??
  13. just about to ask that myself! oh well looks like its late for us all then....i was going to give them till saturday, then shout at them on Monday......
  14. This is a post from the Open University astronomy site......sounds like we may all need to have a word with them next month..... Hi, I just spoke to them as I wasn't sure from the information on the website whether they were continuing the subscription for the new model as a matter of course or you had to actively subscribe. Turns out they are going to assume you want to continue and it will just carry on. This may be made clearer in the last two mailouts of the existing model but in case anyone doesn't want to continue I thought you might like to know.
  15. hmmm......and that will take year to get too?? theres [removed word] all to it! think ill give that 1 a miss What they should have done was that first, THEN said, oh look, you can now get the whole solar system.......
  16. Nah, that would be too obvious - more likely, it will be one of the legs, so you cannot use it until it arrives
  17. Not only are we happy shitting this place up, we have to do it in outer space too... http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/84589
  18. This is my email reply over when we get the rest of the issues.....as we guessed, it wont be done till March...... :crybaby: Dear Phil,Thank you for your email.I can inform you that you will receive 48-51 in Ferbruary and 52 on it'sown in March.Best WishesLauren WrightCustomer Care[/]
  19. Mine got here too - i wanna play with it!! Another month yet.....
  20. no probs here either, in fact im happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking to do a collecting thing like this with them.....(You watch now, they'll send me the wrong stuff! lol) - In fact, i just paid off all of the payments off my credit card for it, so its now just a case of waiting for the last 2 bundles, and i dont know what will happen with issue 52 (presume its the motor?) guess that will come on its own, though it seems a bit of a [removed word] up that they didnt arrange it so maybe one month we got 5 issues so it finished in Feb, instead of people building it and waitin another
  21. did it tun up then? And was it the right one?
  22. same here, just 2 months to go! Dunno where the year has gone.....
  23. thats why i put when i get them on here, in case anyone else is worried about if its coming or not, esp as its 2nd class post.
  24. Just got issues 40-43 so three more deliveries to go! And poor Pluto looks yellow, and very,very small(No wonder they made it dwarf planet, lol!!) So god knows how small Eris will be.......
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