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  1. Awesome - that was my plan as I want to get this scope as mobile as possible. I actually have the same tripod in one of those links (this post) - I had a go mounting it to that but found the tripod head quite frustrating. Planning on replacing with on of these when the budget allows! https://www.altairastro.com/Starwave-Mini-AZ-Mount.html
  2. Small update for anyone looking at a similar choice/dilemma - I went with the Heritage 130p and it's a complete gem. Well worth the price of admission!
  3. Interesting... https://www.engadget.com/2018/11/21/researchers-fix-purple-halo-effect-images-nanoengineering/
  4. Thanks so much Paul - really useful hearing from someone with experience of both. I'm going for the 130p. It seems perfect for what I want. Another plus for the 130p. I've stumbled across the epic thread on Cloudynights that's currently 3220 posts long (!) talking about the sister scope in the US, the AWB OneSky - it seems like a lot of telescope for the money. And ah yes, eyepieces - a whole new world of research and confusion!!
  5. Thanks - great to hear first hand experience with this scope. Have you had a chance to look through it yet? Thoughts?
  6. Thanks Geoff - great setup you have there! I was thinking of replacing the base with a sturdy tripod. I had actually considered a 127 Mak a while ago but think the wider views of the dob clinch it for me. Thanks Mike - good advice. I'm interested that the 102 refractor would leave the Newt in the dust for such objects - is this primarily a question of contrast? Unfortunately the Bresser is not an APO. From what I understand, the ED is the only way to get a serviceable image on such a short focal length. This is food for thought though - I'd just assumed the larger aperture on the Dob
  7. Good to know, thank you - I think it has the edge although maybe not by as much as I'd hoped. Yes, agreed to a point and I definitely went about this the wrong way round originally! There are times I can get the larger Dob around in the car but I'm really looking for something I can get in a backpack or take on a plane - affordable (under £300) but with max aperture.
  8. Thanks John, that's what I thought but have read too much researching these scopes and gone down a rabbit hole of confusion! The reflector does seem to be the answer.
  9. I'm trying to make up my mind on a new portable telescope to get to dark skies (currently have a pretty immobile 8inch Dob in light polluted London). After a lot of research I've settled on two but can't make my mind up so would love some opinions! My primary interest is in visual observation of DSO's as I get good views of our solar system from my Dob. Basically I've landed on the Skywatcher Heritage 130p vs the Bresser Messier AR-102XS/460. I think my fundamental question is, am I going to see more with the Newtonian? In theory it's a no brainer as the larger aperture would
  10. Awesome - thanks Star Struck. That's what I thought and hoped!
  11. Anyone know if these are the same?! Apart from the price tag, they look incredibly similar! Anyone have any experience of either? £70 Revelation - https://www.telescopehouse.com/revelation-ed-2x-barlow-2.html £50 Altair - http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/altair-ex-2x-ed-barlow-lens-2-barrel.html
  12. Hi Daniel, just pm'd you about the Cheshire
  13. Thanks for the ideas ronin - yes, the 3.7mm was a bit of a mistake for me. I think it was a question of wrong eyepiece for my scope. I haven't even looked into orthos! Might leave that for another day to keep more confusion at bay!
  14. Hi John, many thanks for the list - wish I could have been at the talk, couldn't be more apt! The BST's really are sounding like winners. On my list to now try! I think the way to go is buy and try - FLO have told me they'll let me do that which is amazing. So will get a few and pick the fave! Thanks Rick_It - a good guide and one I'll be working towards. It seems to be the case on the very high powered ep's that the exit pupil will be less than desirable, but I guess that is the price I might pay with the 8 inch dob?
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