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  1. Thanks James, as you can probably tell I'm very new to all of this. That said, if you want to know about racing a Lotus Elise give me a nod i'll check out the link in your thread. Thanks again Stew
  2. Just watched the vid and I do exactly the same as the poor chap in the vid. The only difference is that their button says undo and mine says back.
  3. Hi James, I don't get time to react to the scope, as soon as 'it' says alignment successful it just takes over and does its own thing. There's no park or return option that I can find. The only thing I can do is guide the scope from the tripod by holding down the direction arrows. The scope will then move in that direction to safety. As soon as I let go of the direction buttons the scope reverts back to its own mission.
  4. Going to have to give up and send it back. Wife has been with me reading out the instructions....3 brightest stars aligned, scope confirms this and then moves off and tries to kill itself against the tripod. None of the buttons will stop this apart from turning off the whole setup........gutted!
  5. argh! Its off again. Aligned it again using the correct time zone this time and as soon as I confirm the settings the scope just flies off at a tangent and none of the buttons can stop the motors from running. I'm going to video it. I must be doing something wrong but I just dont know what Cheers Stew
  6. Stupid, Stupid me!!!! I looked at the timezone map at the back of the manual and found the kids drawing of the UK with a number 4 in it.... you know, the Uk to the left of Kazakhstan! Best I not tell the wife about that one. @James, The hand controller has no button to stop the motors from running. The only options I had were to either press the opposite direction button but as soon as you let go of the button the scope would revert to rubbing the tripod or to disconnect the power. Cheers Stew
  7. I had a thought of power being an issue but I'm using a tried and tested 12v power pack. Fully charged and able to start a car Its just so frustrating, I can't follow the instructions any closer gutted
  8. We haven't had our Nexstar 127 MAK for long and in fact tonight is its first outing. Its set up on the patio nice and level. About an hour ago had our first viewings of the moon...wow!!! Mighty impressive even woke my son up to have a look (he's 10 and just wanted to go back to bed lol ). Put him back to bed and tried to set up the alignment for my own viewing pleasure... I've set the time (2305hrs) date (05/24/12), city (set to London even though we're south of Guildford in Hampshire), time zone (4) and to 'day light hours'. So far so good. Time to align with the starts...I picked 3 bright o
  9. I'm guessing that because of the lens coatings it would probably be best not to use 'baby wipes' ?
  10. Its not funny but if, hypothetically speaking, your 10 year old had just received his first telescope (127 SLT) for his birthday and then he's little 3 year old sister blew a raspberry into the main lens. Oh and her mouth may have been fully of birthday cake. What would be the best method to clean the cake covered lens? Just wondering thats all:icon_scratch: Cheers Stew
  11. My sons (*cough* 'our') 127 SLT turned up yesterday (great services from FLO!). It's not his 10th birthday until tomorrow but already very excited....for him. Stupidly I didn't order a barlow at the same time, hope he isn't going to be disappointed Cheers Stew
  12. I actually have an HTC One X which has the functions. I was just wondering about the iphone.
  13. Is there no timer delay on the iphone camera? Then the tap wouldn't disturb the image at all. Cheers Stew
  14. That's a shame, ordered the Celestron now. I'm sure that will do us fine and dandy. Cheers Stew
  15. Just revisited the POW thread...WOW!!! Then I look out of the window at the sideways stinging rain
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