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  1. It cud have been one I suppose but it seemed more oval shapped. Also if a chinese lantern starts to fall is it still alight
  2. Yesterday in Hillingdon at 22:30. I saw an oval shapped red glowing object fly accross the sky, all of a sudden the object dropped vertically then disappeared before some houses. This wasn't a plane or an asteroid I have no idea what it was. Did anyone else see it or know what it is? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm going to try and collimate my telescope again. What is the best online guide to use. Many thanks
  4. Thanks. I think im gunna leave it as it is. Everything is fairly central. But when I look down the focus tube without any lens or collimator. Not all of the primarry mirror is visible is this correct?
  5. Thanks for the replys. I have been using astro babys guide, and have been trying to collimate for about a week. I have the crosshair of my cheshire fairly central to the circle on the primary mirror. And the secondary mirror is quite central to the focus tube however I can only see one of the primary mirror clips. Is this ok or is it a mt to see all 3?
  6. Im currently collimating my Dobsonian Skywatcher 200P. Im on to the part of the 3 secondary mirror tilt screws. How much of the three parts from the secondary mirror is ment to be visable when looking thrrough cheshire? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys, When collimating does the crosshair from the cheshire need to be in the middle of the circle?
  8. Hi guys, I have just got my telescope up and running. I have looked at loads of websites for help with collimation, but I'm still struggling. I have a collimating cheshire tool. But I don't know what im looking for could you please help get me started. thanks
  9. W8ing for a reply?. Do they work on Saturdays?
  10. Yh i'll have to see what they say 2moro, hopefully won't take forever to be resolved l.
  11. Would suit me fine. Ill have to see what they say.
  12. Jus sent FLO an email asking if it is possible to send me just the board which I need, but don't hold much hope, doubt they will have spare boards. I could ask for a replacement but that will probably take another 2 months, as it seems to be the most popular scope.
  13. Today I received My Skyliner Dobsonian 200P. Started to put it up. Then I saw that one of the plastic pieces from the bottom circular board was missing. Meaning that when I attach the mount to the base it will not be level and therefore can't be turned and is uneven. Been waiting for it for 2 months. Very annoyed
  14. Thats the main thing im concerned about, not being able to find anything
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