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  1. Hi guys hopefully I will be able to join you at your next meet after summer its been a long time since I looked up at the night sky hopefully I will have a new set up before Christmas if all goes well fingers crossed keep meaning to call at green witch to have a look but the bills just keep getting in the way hey ho I will get there one day I'm sure
  2. haha I remember that stupid mount or was it your parking lol ha ha ha
  3. Hi everyone long time since I have been on here hope everyone is OK I have been keeping up to date with the society glad it all going well Been really out of it since my wife left but now divorced I'm holding to get back into stargazing again but unfortunately I sold all my gear And am having to start again
  4. every thing in my listing apart from the bins
  5. hi guys havent been on for ages lot of problems at home wife has left me and our son just walked out need to sell my scope so if you know of anyone wanting a skywatcher 130p and a synscan mount plus every thing else let me know
  6. hi guys sorry i missed the meet but with work and familly just dont have the time for anything lately glad to hear the meeting went well and plenty of people turned up hope fully will be able to make the next meet
  7. down in newquay at the mo was sat out on tuesday saw 37 meteors 15 satalites and the iss then saw the iss again on wednesday
  8. i have the 15 -70 and theyare spot on
  9. nice work with the gmail nick those templates look good well done
  10. excellent meeting everyone thanks paul for all your hard work and the coffee and biscuits looking forward to next meeting
  11. are we bringing our scopes to set up in the room
  12. hi all excellent work soupy looking forward to the meet on monday do we come through the main gate into school looking forward to meeting everyone again see you all monday
  13. nice scope crash what you doing with the 12 inch
  14. i am happy to wait if that is what everyone else wants to do clouds all the way now till august thanks to crash and his new 16inch lol
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