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  1. Not at all AliMac, thanks for the advice . I thought it looked so simple, just point and aim haha , but thankyou for the advice this is the first ever time i have used a telescope so any advice would be really helpfull
  2. Thanks tinker, will try and focus it better during the day. Its a lot more complicated that it looks haha
  3. I have just bought my first ever telescope and am wondering why i cant see anything through it. I have messed about with all the fittings combining all the different eyepieces, these are the 20mm, 12 mm, 4mm, 3x barlow lens and 1.5x erecting eyepiece and still cant even see the moon, just a white blur. Was really excited to see the craters ect up close and it has just been a dissapointed hour. Could someone please tell me where i am going wrong
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