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  1. Thank you very much for the valuable information. I was just going through some of UFO things in youtube and this video:- was quite similar to what I saw. Now I think, I saw 2 birds flying quite high that night. Thank you very much guys.
  2. thanks for the comments guys... @rblunden hahaha... I am not trying to make April fool in 2nd of April. Anyways, i kept that gif file in loop forever mode. I saw just 2 dots 1 after another... Anyways, even i don't believe in alien ships, or mother ships! so I will think that was bird. Will let you know... if I see it again.
  3. Hi, I don't know how u guys will take this thing... I was observing moon last night here in New Delhi @ 11:02 p.m, I saw two small black dot hovering over the moon very fast. Below is a small .gif animation I made to show what I exactly saw. Did anyone see that?
  4. how was your trip??? Are you still in Nepal?
  5. Thanks Rob L Got the video :- Edge to the Universe - 02x02 -Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman .720p - YouTube But there is no answer to the question "which direction should I point my telescope" But it says that I can see myself. Now a new question rises. ah! never mind!
  6. Thanks Rob... Let me check... Anyways, here's my quick graphics to make it more like my understanding... http://i685.photobucket.com/albums/vv215/kiratgurung/BB1.jpg
  7. please give me the link... Please please please.... what's the name of the show???
  8. Hi guys, New guy here (totally new for everything:- telescope, cosmology, optics, everything. Just starting to study about these things. And joined this site a week earlier.)... And here's my first question. Please don't laugh! # 1. Let's say, I have a telescope which is capable of seeing 14 billion light years in time. And let's assume our universe is not expanding/stretching. so, which direction should I point my telescope to see the Big Bang??? Also assume that my telescope can see through those plasma walls... (remove all the obstacles). #2. Let's say I saw the BIG BANG... and still
  9. Thanks LukeSuppalot I will sure tell you guys. AS far as I understand, Eyepiece is that lens we use while observing. And Barlow is the lens we put in front of camera to magnify for photography. ??? !!! !@#$%^&*() ? Is this correct??? Is 5X the highest Barlow Lens?
  10. Thanks @michigander and @Siriusmeg @Siriusmeg Right now I have no idea I am just waiting for the telescope to arrive. Refreshing the order tracker page again and again Do you have any suggestion from your experience? Do you take pictures of stars and moons???
  11. thank you so much guys... 1 question! I just went through this site Field of view Calculator<script src="title2.js"></script> found in 1 of the signatures above. I chose Saturn from the object menu... does that mean I am going to see Saturn exactly the same size I am seeing in the pic with the selected equipments?
  12. Came to know about your post through SteveA I am from Nepal too... Keep in touch.
  13. oh wow... Thank you so much for your warm welcome... wow! this is the first forum I have seen where people actually welcomes new comers... @JBM1165 Thanks for the info. @LukeSuppalot I didn't understand the term "Light Post" I am so sorry... can you please tell me what's that? Thanks @SteveA for the link No, I don't know him. Will keep in touch with him though. I am in India these days. Thanks again for your replies...
  14. Hello from a new guy... My name is Kirat Gurung. I am from Nepal, currently living and working in New Delh as a trainer for 3d animation and visual effects. I just ordered Celestron 130 EQ, and I am very much excited... Already starting to watch assembling processes I was very much interested in watching moons and stars and planets since my childhood but unfortunately, couldn't be able to. This is going to be my first telescope. I have never experienced any telescope before I am going to learn it from whatever tutorial I get from youtube! *It would be great to be in touch with Celestron
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