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  1. If i am wrong about this then I can only appolagise and stand to be corrected .
  2. You would not need ascom for controlling your mount via the hand set. But I believe that you would need ascom so that PhD can communicate your mount.
  3. Ok thanks for reply shall look into the YouTube sessions and yes at first look eqmod appears quite scarey it looks a bit daunting and a little overwhelming . When I first saw it I thought blimey looks to professional for a newbie like me .but this programme seams to be held with high regard by its users , so I look forward to becoming more familiar with it .and can only be thankfull that people develope such things and make them freely available to all .
  4. Hi I think that the ascom platform is a piece of programming that allowes different pieces of software to communicate with each other useing a common language .so as I understand it you would need eqmod .the idea being that eqmod would control your mount and auto guiding and use ascom to communicate with your mount . I hope I have explained this ok as it's all new to me as we'll. I am sure that others will comment on this and hope I have been of some help.
  5. Hi thanks for replies I have downloaded eqmod and assigned a com port to it have only tried eqmod to see if it controlls the mount ok wich it steamers to . Had loads of problems trying to get it to run about six months ago and gave up on it .but now have a newer spec pc for it .at the moment all my gear is in the living room as ror obsy has water ingress problems ,not suprising given rainfall over previously months.am not to familiar with eqmod as of yet so will have to read up on it some more. So I am more than gratefull fo any suggestions or advice . Thanks
  6. Hi all hope you are all well. I have a NEQ 6 mount , and have recently got a Altair 60 guide scope and QHY5L11 guide cam. I realise that the USB cable goes to pc . So is it that the st4 cable is plugged into the guide cam and then the other end of the lead plugged straight into the auto guider socket on the NEQ 6 . Sorry probably a painfully stupid question but had to ask it. Thanks .
  7. Hi Seen from southampton at 6 30pm viewed from over head as it raced down past the right hand side of Orion . Truly amazing sight it had a vivid white core with a long orangey yellow trail in its wake . The first fire ball I have seen I wish every one could have seen it a fabulous sight .
  8. Hi Seen from southampton at 6 30pm viewed from over head as it raced down past the right hand side of Orion . Truly amazing sight it had a vivid white core with a long orangey yellow trail in its wake . The first fire ball I have seen I wish every one could have seen it a fabulous sight .
  9. Hi every one Have just got a qhy5l 11 and Altair astro 60mm mini guider have installed ascom platform and drivers for qhy5l 11 + PhD every thing seams to work fine. So is it a case of just plugging the st4 cable from the camera into the mount. And the start guiding .if so what is the procedure, ie. start mount Carry out alignment Slew to object Start PhDs And then start imaging . Thanks for any for any info and advise
  10. Hi Ewan. That doesn't sound so good looks like I may have to look for a Pentax lenses as we'll. why is it that the clearest nights seam to be when I have other commitments .LOL.
  11. Hi all and thanks for your replies it would seam as though the load star is the most sensitive , i presume this means you can guide on less bright stars than with other guide cameras ? And that you would have a better choice of guide stars in a given field of view. Thanks for the link to the other thread wow there's some information there to take in .
  12. Hi Ewan I to found it awkward to lock lens to geoptik but once I found that there was a locking ring it made sence.L ack of instructions I think , but Avery impressive metal spec supplied . As usual any new astro kit comes with bad weather have not tried atik 314 on set up yet as cables are in wire in loom and don't want to strip it out. I hope to try it out soon .
  13. Hi would be interested to know peoples thoughts and opinions on various guide cameras ie qhy5 load star costar etc. Also is it the case that pixel size of guide camera should be a close match to pixel size of imaging camera ? Thank for any replys
  14. I have just bought the same kit also the same lense got the geoptik variable extension as thought it may be needed to achieve focus . Did you have any problem getting focus interested to know your views . I have the same atik 314l+ and am looking forward to finally imaging with it would be interested to see any pics images you have captured with this set up . Have you noticed that the centre of the geoptik adapter steamers to be threaded looks like it would take a filter would be interesting to try a Ha filter.
  15. sorry if this has been asked before but can anyone tell me the purpose of binning. i believe that it enlarges the pixel size by grouping them together. i also believe that images are binned when useing coloured filters, is this because of the density of the filters. Is binning also used as a means of adjusting the exposure similar to adjusting iso on a dslr camera.also if you binn the exposure does this effect the image size. again i appologise if these qestions seam basic but i am new to astronomy and have just started trying to image with my newly aquired atik 314l+.still find it hard to believe that you can image things that you canot visually see through scope. thanks for any advice given.
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