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  1. Hi, I've [finally] just bought myself the Baader Hyperion Zoom EP (still waiting for a clear night to try it out) and am a bit confused - it comes with an eye rest fitted, and a smaller one not fitted. The pictures on the box show both eye rests, so they're obviously interchangeable, but I can't figure out how to fit the small one. In all honesty I'll probably use it with the larger adjustable one that is already fitted on it, but would just like to know how to change it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Jane
  2. Clear skies? Tonight? I'll believe that when I see it! I'm hoping the skies clear soon as I'm getting the Baader Hyperion zoom EP for my birthday in a couple of weeks and know I won't be able to wait too long before trying it. My 'scope has been sat unused in the study for weeks. I haven't even seen Saturn yet, so if it does clear up then I'll be on the look out for that tonight.
  3. Thanks Mark. I'm looking at spending up to £50 per eyepiece at the moment. I don't want to spend mega bucks while I'm still learning really, and will probably get better eyepieces over time. I do wear glasses, but tend not to wear them when looking through the scope as I find it uncomfortable. Field of view is important to me, and I've found some Skywatcher wide FOV eyepieces which are very reasonably priced. Thanks for your help, Jane
  4. I'm currently looking at building up my eyepiece collection, and to be honest am completely flummoxed by all the choices. My scope is a Celestron Nexstar 6SE, so obviously I've been looking at the Celestron eyepieces. But there seems be a bigger range of Skywatcher eyepieces at a more affordable price. This may be a stupid question, and I apologise if it is, but am I right in thinking that the Skywatcher eyepieces will work ok with a Celestron telescope? I'm still getting used to all the technical terminology around eyepieces and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've got a 9mm Plossl eyepiece that I don't get on particularly well with (although I accept that this is pushing the telescope's boundaries) and a 25mm eyepiece that I am very pleased with. I'm looking at getting a couple of EPs between these (12-18mm). Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Hi, I've just joined this forum so I don't feel so alone in the world of astronomy. I've had my telescope for a few months so am very much an amateur, and I'm sure you guys will help me out when I need it. I've got a Celestron Nexstar 6SE, and am currently getting used to the night sky and building up my eyepiece collection (I'll save those EP questions for another thread!) See you around. Jane
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