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  1. cheers all hmmmm, but we would get to see the other side.
  2. That's astonishing. I can't believe a smart phone can take pics like that.
  3. That's great for a single shot. Fine work.
  4. Lovely shot. It's interesting how similar our results are, considering the different methods. I just held down the shutter button and took 80ish stills.
  5. 2560x1440 versions: First Second 80+ shots each stacked with Registax 5.1
  6. Sorry if ths a repost, but I've only just come accross this: http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/
  7. A true hero of science. No one person has done more for Astronomy since Galileo. Brought astronomy to the masses and his boundless enthusiasm and charm one us all. You will be sorely missed an never replaced.
  8. R.I.P. Sir Patrick Moore. A legend. Always

  9. I use VNC on my ipad to connect to a Windows VM running on my mac. There's free virtualisation software like virtual box or you can get something like VMWare which is even better.
  10. great single shot! Have a look at My second moon shot post, there's some handy advice (not from me) about using registax. You can also see the difference between a single shot and a stacked set.
  11. DSLR connected to the scope with a focal reducer so I could get it all in. Thanks t_ilan and Solo
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