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  1. Thanks John, been looking at the 80 or was wondering whether I should stretch the budget and look at a 100 odd mm.
  2. Researching a set up for my DSLR to get deeper into Astrophotography. I want a reasonably transportable setup as I'll be taking it out a lot to dark sky sites on the South Downs as well as trips to Galloway Forest dark sky site in Scotland. I'm after an ED refractor decent enough for DSO's and a goto mount/tripod. Been looking at the Celestron CG5 or Skywatcher HEQ5 as they both seem sturdy enough for what I want it for. DSLR weighs about 1kg at the most and won't be putting anything on the mount other than the ED. Anyone got any good suggestions?
  3. I'm afraid you won't be able to achieve much with yiur csmera other than what you have already done. Several factors come into play here. The lens aperture is too small to let much light through. When taking astrophotos aperture plays a big part as the bigger the aperture the more light (photons) you gather to make the image. Second, your camera canjotnbe programmed to change the iso. A faster iso will give much better results. Thirdly, a maximum of 7 seconds exposure is not long enough for the tiny lens aperture to gather much information I'm afraid. I have a Nikon D5100 DSLR which I use a 35mm f1.8 lens for landscape astrophotos. The aperture of the lens is 52mm. My iso setting is anywhere between 800 and 1600 with exposure times of 15 to 30 seconds untracked. I still have problems with exposure times etc even with that setup.
  4. We stayed with family in Ballentrae a couple of weekends ago right on the edge of Galloway forest dark sky site. Fantastic skies there and will take the scope next time.
  5. I use the Nikon D5100. Love the Live View function and all the extras I can program into it. Saving for a wide angle fast lens at the moment. Still playing and figuring things out with it but its a fantastic camera. And this is coming from a Canon man. Used to own the EOS 40D when I worked for a magazine as it was a very fast camera to use. This is my first Nikon and I'm very impressed with it so far.
  6. I have a Nikon D5100 and would like it modded for AP. Anyone know whomcan do this for me or if there's a kit and/or tutorial available somewhere?
  7. Thanks guys, just downloaded Nebulousity. Whats a Wine Mac app?
  8. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro and I'm finding it hard to find any stacking software for my astrophotos. I have CS6 but don't know how to use it so was wondering if there is anything any easier to use. Any ideas?
  9. I have an adapter for my DSLR that accepts an eyepiece inside the screws to the T ring on my camera body for eyepiece projection but I would never use it for dso's.
  10. I'll have to search some more online. will post a link if I find a good one for any other mac users.
  11. Only managed naked eye observations as I walked the pups along the coast path where I live. Unfortunately working 2 jobs at the mo so my time out is very limited as I have early starts during the week. It will all pay off in a few months time tho when I get my AP set up.
  12. Thanks for all the info and help. Taken moon shots with it when I was living in Cyprus. Will do some planetary shots as well as playing around with the Orion Nebula etc and let you know how they turn out. What software do you recommend for stacking. I have a Macbook Pro so may be limited. I do have CS6 and Lightroom 5 but don't know how to stack images using them. Anything simpler?
  13. I have the above scope and I'm going to try some AP through it with my Nikon D5100. Might be able to get some 1-2 minute subs if I align it accurately enough. This is only messing around until I can afford a proper setup. Your thoughts please?
  14. Thanks for the replies. Got s savings pot put by now
  15. Jon Sales

    Back again.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys. Been in Lancing West Sussex for the last 6 months living right on the beach. That's where my profile picture was taken last week. In scotland for a short break at the moment but we travel back tomorrow unfortunately. Had beatuiful skies last night until the clouds came in.
  16. Hi all, Were thinking of moving to Scotland in the next few months if I can get work up there. 30 miles from the middle of Galloway Forest Park dark sky site to be precise. I am looking at a setup for my Nikon D5100 for some proper Astrophotography. I have been looking at either the Celestron CG5 mount or the Skywatcher HEQ5 Synscan mount and 80-100mm ED refractor of some sort. Any thoughts and help would be appreciated. Jon
  17. Jon Sales

    Back again.

    Hi guys, I'm back again lol. Been away on my travels with my fiancee and we're back down in West Sussex. We may be moving to Scotland in the next few months, 30 miles from the centre of Galloway Forest dark sky site. Jon
  18. Thanks guys, I'll see which one I can get cheapest over here. Either that or get my parents to bring one out in April when they visit. Just been out with the camera on the scope and taken some nice shots of the moon at prime focus. I currently have the 18-55mm f3.5 lens and the 55-200mm f4.5 lens at the moment. Might play around with the iso settings as the camera can go up to 25600 in Hi-2 mode apparently. Picture next to this setting shows a night sky with stars so may give the 18-55mm an outing and try this setting one night in the week here. I'll let you know the results.
  19. Hi all, Just taken delivery of a new Nikon D5100 and need a bit of help choosing a new lens for Astrophotography. I now live in Cyprus and the skies here are very clear 90% of the year. I have the T ring and mounts for my SW 127 Mak and know how to photograph the moon etc through it. I want a new prime lens for landscape panoramas and I'm looking at the following 2 lenses - http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-nikon-50mm-f1-8-g-af-s-lens/p1525420 OR http://www.digitalrev.com/product/nikon-af-s-35mm-f1/NzU4NQ_A_A Has anyone here had any experience with either of these lenses? Both are fast lenses ideal for Astrophotography but I don't want to order one to find that it's no good at 20-30 sec shots of the night sky at f1.8 as this type of thing is very expensive to buy here. Cheers, Jon.
  20. Depends on what lens you will be using with the camera as to what type of shots you wish to produce. For wide sweeping panoramas the wider the lens the better i.e a 35mm or 50mm prime f1.8 lens will give you excellent results for a relatively short shutter length. It's a very fast, wide angle prime lens ideal for landscape astrophotography. The shutter speed will be reduced even more as your EOS body is modded. Use a remote shutter release as well or use the camera's delated shutter function to avoid any camera shake. A good strong tripod is also a must as cheaper tripods tend to wobble around if theres any wind. Jon
  21. A new Nikon D5100 will be delivered to me here in Cyprus between Monday and Wednesday next week Got a deal too good to resist
  22. Budget is around £500 ish so want as much in the way of camera and lenses as possible. Looked at the Canon EOS 600D and also looking at the Nikon D5100 as they seem to have come on in leaps and bounds since I last had a Nikon.
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