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  1. Thanks for all the info. I need to check my handset as had problems this weekend with it. It was off by miles! Damn you synscan!
  2. I k ow it sounds daft but when you buy a GPS module for your mount does it do all the alignment for you providing your mount is polar aligned? Or are there mounts available with it built in? Would it help with AP? cheers.
  3. Excellent scope! Buy a copy of Turn Left At Orion. Fantastic book and will teach you the night sky and to 'star hop' from one constellation to another around the night sky. The book is readily available. I got mine from a local Waterstones but I've also seen it in WHSmith.
  4. I use a Canon EOS760D with a Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens. I put it on a heavy duty tripod and use an intervalometer. My next purchase is a Skywatcher Star Adventurer and a 66ED refractor. As I don't have loads of money for the hobby this will be my limit for many years but I'll still be able to get some good shots. Im really impressed with the Samyang lens.
  5. I have astigmatism quite bad in both eyes. I've always taken my glasses off for photography and astronomy. My DSLR has a 'LiveView' function and I use that when I focus for AP. I've never had a problem so far as I focus normally with the viewfinder then switch to liveview and zoom in I. The screen and make any adjustments as necessary.
  6. I take mine off for observation and photography
  7. Thanks guys. Somny, Tring Astro isn't too far from me so I may well take a trip down there when I have all the money in place.
  8. Thanks for the advice Sonny. It seems like a minefield to me with regard to mounts etc. Was also looking at the Star Adventurer and a 66ED refractor for portability as my backyard views are hampered by buildings, trees and severe sodium light pollution. My nearest darkish sky site is 20 minutes drive away I will get on YouTube as you recommend. Thanks for the advice.
  9. If you want to use your iPhone for AP get a mount for it and use Nightcap Pro from the App Store.
  10. I use my Canon EOS760D for AP. Never let me down once.
  11. I'm looking to save for a new scope and want it to replace my trusty Skywatcher 127mak. Im looking at either the Celestron AVX 6N Newtonian or going for the Skywatcher 150pds on an EQ5. Wondering what the difference is in the scopes themselves. I want it for both visual and prime focus AP. Anyone have any experience with the AVX? I know a lot of people have the Skywatcher but from reading up the AVX mount is tuned for AP. Thanks in advance.
  12. Wish I had the cash ? Been looking at this mount with the 6N on top.
  13. Lol Mikey. I have no problems lifting the mount or transporting to a dark sky site which I would do more. I was looking at ditching the whole idea and getting a Star Adventurer and 70ED instead and me even more portable but from what I've read the weight of the scope and camera would be pushing the limit of the SA. Other idea was an 80ED and EQ5 but we'll see what funds allow when I've finished saving. Works thin on the ground at the moment so it won't be until summer now unless I win the lotto or something.
  14. What about using a Lightwave 70mm? would it be over the limit for imaging then? Only asking as that's what I'm looking at
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. I already have a landscape AP setup and I'm getting bored of doing that now so want a setup for wide field dso's, not interested in photographing planets. May even get an EQ5 and an 80mm refractor. Was going to sell the Mak but might just sell the mount and use the Mak on a new mount alongside using an 80mm on it. Too much to choose from. ?
  16. I have the Skywatcher 127 mak on the Alt/Az GoTo mount. Fantastic little scope which performs well and is easy to setup. The Mount is ideal for it but if you want to do AP with it then the scope and mount will be no good. The scope is very slow at f11.5 and the mount suffers from field rotation due to the fact that it's not aligned to the celestial north pole. Having said that if you just want to use it visually then it will be perfect. The moon and larger planets through it are very clear and bright. Wait til you see Saturn for the first time through it.
  17. Hi guys, Not posted in a long while. I'm looking at buying the above scope for AP and I'm wondering which mount to go for. It's offer from most suppliers with either the EQ3 PRO or the EQ5 PRO. As it's marketed more towards imaging I'm assuming that the EQ3 can cope with the scope OK? I'll be using my Canon EOS760D with it. Any help would be appreciated. My budget is around £800 max for scope and mount setup.
  18. Cloudy here so will keep an eye out.
  19. For all you Macbook users out there wishing to use Windows based software for stacking Astro photo's I have a solution for you. There is a software available called Parallels II which enables you to then install and run Windows on your Macbook. PCWorld sells this along with Windows 8 as a bundle for around £130. I must admit I do prefer Windows for stacking my AP efforts and I well worth the price considering all the free Windows based AP software around. This saves having to play around with Boot Camp etc and creating mirror hard drives etc. The software does it all for you and it works very well.
  20. I'll have a look at it online. The Skyguider appeals over the Star Adventurer as you get the whole lot for the price minus camera and scope and seems very portable.
  21. Just moved to the edge of Galloway forest dark sky park in Scotland and I'm looking for a portable imaging setup. I have a Nikon D5100 DSLR with a few lenses and am looking for a light 60 - 80mm ED refractor and lightweight imaging mount. I have looked at the iOptron Skyguider and the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Any ideas I haven't looked at? Jon.
  22. Been following this post a while as I'm loking for a good AP mount and scope. After reading I think I'll be going formthe AVX mount with the 6" newt on top. S3ems a good price and with the change from 1k I can etill get a polar scope and perhaps stretch to a cheshire collimator too.
  23. Was looking at the Celestron AVX scopes as an alternative to the Skywatcher range too. Sound impressive. And the price is cheaper too.
  24. Want to do AP as well as visual so have changed my mind on an ED frac and mount. Thinking about a newt so have a good aperture for visual and decent for DSO'S AP. Both are f5 and I will be using a DSLR for the time being, so which will be better? The 6" or the 8"? Bearing in mind I can afford either scope.
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