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  1. I have a skymax 127 and if it's aligned correctly it is fairly accurate at locating the object. You will need to use different eye pieces though to alter the magnification.
  2. That should be x-cel and hyperiums - I hate predictive text!!
  3. I like the x-cells too. Also have a couple of hyperlinks which are also very good.
  4. Would it be ok to attend the star camp if you were not staying on site? I don't have a caravan and camping isn't an option for me in November! However, there are a couple of B&B's nearby which are available.
  5. Saturn certainly is an incredible sight! Would recommend turn left as previously mentioned- really helpful!
  6. Obi Wan

    Telescope newbie

    Glad you are enjoying your new hobby Jen. Andromeda and Albireo would be my choices too. My children were really taken with the colours of the stars in Albireo! Also the moon is always a favourite with them.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The scope is on the alt az go to so not ideal although I think do able if exposures are short. Unfortunately although in Scotland it is far from dark- too close to the infamous Grangemouth glow However, if it is clear its not too bad and darker skies are only a short drive away. I am not attempting to do anything of the fantastic quality I have seen on the site here but really just to record some of the sights I see- will give me something to look at when its cloudy (often!) I can't draw for toffee so sketching really isn't an option.
  8. Hi everyone, My fantastic hubby has bought me a Canon 600d for my Xmas as I was interested in capturing a few shots of the night sky to show him (as he won't come outside into the cold!) I have now got a shutter release cable and a t-ring (tripod too hopefully this weekend). Is there anything else you would recommend to help me get started? I would like to take some pictures of star trails, constellations etc as well as using my telescope to record some shots of the moon, planets and possibly some of the brighter DSO's (I know my scope has real limitations but hope the camera would record some
  9. Have signed the petition and filled in a complaint to the BBC.
  10. Great first attempt. Saving up for a camera myself at the moment and if I take anything half as good as these I will be well pleased!
  11. Hi there, have a great time learning your way around the skies. This hobby is very addictive: the more you see and learn, the more your interest grows!
  12. Obi Wan


    Hi Richard, enjoy exploring the skies!
  13. Stayed up until midnight but still just a blanket of cloud, so I went to bed and set the alarm for 3 as clearer skies were forecast. The sky was beautiful, absolutely stunning... It was so clear. Saw about 10 in 15 mins so went in and got the kids out of bed to have a look and we spent half an hour huddled under blankets in the garden. The boys were very impressed (I had to drag the youngest back in!) and asked lots of questions. A fantastic night.
  14. Hi Button from a fellow Scot. Hoping for clear skies!
  15. I am normally a bit of a worrier but I find the garden at night very calming. I find making a cup of tea and drinking that outside while waiting on the scope to cool down gets me used to the noises. Once i start observing I get so caught up in it, that I forget about being alone. I have a dog but he would rather be inside sleeping which is fine as he often knocks the telescope which wrecks the alignment! - a padlock on the garden gate helps too
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