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  1. Sorry Martin for the delay :)

    Arp remained a modestly controversial figure at the meeting and although held in some awe we were as polite as ever.  I can understand why he linked with 'bridges' to so many gx with adjacent quasars but think the bridges were a photographic effect caused by the way developers work and thus spurious - I'd seen a similar effect in my own photofilm images during the pre-CCD era.

    It was sad that he was sidelined and effectively unemployable in the States thereafter and in his later years worked in Germany where I think he died.   With the modern HMQ catalogue quasars are commonplace and can occur by chance apparently in the field of gxs and even globulars etc


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  2. My skies in SW London inside the M25 are dire ie rarely better than mag 3 and old eyes don't help. 

    Milky Way - what's that !  Haven't done visual for more than a decade but it doesn't bother me as my 12" SCT + OSC Lodestar cam can regularly reach mag 18/19 in very brief exposures. It's essentially live-view on my laptop in seated comfort within my domed obsy.  See my gallery links below :)


  3. Condensation on a scope circuit board can really spoil your hobby!  I did the dehumidifier thing a decade ago and unless the obsy is hemetically sealed [unlikely] you're trying to dry the universe !  Air movement within the obsy to minimise condensation seems the best option via [in my case] a large fan at lowest speed - and its cheaper to run than a dehumidifier.   As backup a small electric greenhouse heater on thermostat used when temps are very low.   This set-up for two decades.

    My scope is a sealed/capped 30cm SCT with camera permanently attached under a dustcover - if the temps are essentially constant for a period of days [or weeks] then focus holds good for imaging without needing a tweak but if needed are minimal !


  4. Mine's a sub 6ft DIY dome [walked it down garden on my back - only machoman needs massive structures !] and fine for me seated beneath my 12" SCT + cam for near liveview observing deepsky on laptop EAA mode here in London suburbs as below :) 

    Did ask my son-inlaw about "permission from CEO??" and he laughed that I didn't know about the trials of 'modern life' !


    dome may21 15.jpg

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  5. Yes - a classic way the media treat a truly dark sky by flooding it with essential camera lights to show a guy light painting - even presenter Matt Baker briefly realised the sky had stars before swamped with a waving torchlight of the "artist" - it had all the subtlety of misplaced fireworks display - sigh :(


  6. Excellent work and montage Martin :)

    Met by chance Halton Arp decades ago in the carpark @ Cambridge Uni Obsy when a tall American gentleman asked me "is this the way to the BAA meeting?"  It was indeed and our guest speaker !


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  7. It's a matter of priorities - I consistently seem to get more clear skies than others club members but they seem very busy with social engagements.  Can't have it both ways :)  I do EAA/video in brief exposures to 'see' very deep [no eyeballing for me] and next day to enjoy results.  Also plan ahead of some challenging targets like quasars/ Hicksons/ KBO etc and of course other hobbies so no weather frustration :)


  8.  I wonder if your Aldi might have been having some form of advance promotion on the scope? Perhaps other Aldi stores might have it shortly? Specials in Lidl usually start on Monday or Thursday, perhaps someone could check their local Aldi on Thursday? I plan to!    Btw, in those second photos, what magnification were you using?

    I now suspect it's just a one-off for my Aldi from old stock - remember the spotting scope I got was discounted !

    Mag ~x25/30 for 2nd afocal cam photos :)


  9. Had a quick peep last night before midnight at M42 and M45 but failed to spot M1 from my heavily LP SW London garden [used EAA  camera assist for decade to go deep!].  The sky was unusually transparent with mag 3 stars visible to the eye.
    Used x20 and zoomed up to x60 and the images were still quite good.  Slight focus tweak needed as the zoom EP is not parafocus throughout its range.   The apparent fov is quite small but the whole of the Plieades contained x20. A hand-held afocal shot below through double glazing of a construction crane some 3.5 miles away.


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  10. Maginon 20-60 x 60 spotting scopes is what I saw which I make is a monocular with, in this case, an angled zoom EP - they usually come with a tiny table tripod and a long 3yr? warrantee.  There were maybe ~4 of each model @ Aldi Epsom Surrey [West Ewell branch] as quoted I couldn't find them on-line.  Worth a punt !


    ps: Got itchy - my daughter wanted the metal mini pan+tilt tripod for her DSLR so I got the spotting scope.  Quick peep down garden was pin sharp x20 so I'm happy too - see below.   3 boxed binos + 1 boxed SS remained - the guy in the next aisle said he'd hopefully be viewing the [Guy Faulkes] moon tonight with his SS !

    aldi 1.jpg

    aldi 2.jpg

  11. Aldi today had 8x40 binos for £13 and 20-60x60 monocular for £14 [reduced from £19] - think I've got it right from memory.   I know Aldi and Lidl have similar offers down the years but from experience they're soon sold out !   The optics and build - for the price - are NOT Zeiss but still great value.  Previously for family I bought both options for stargazing and birding. 



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  12. South [southern Milky Way etc] and east [new stuff rising] are probably the best aspects.   Northern horizon will be overhead some hours [or months !] later.   West is nice for the inner planets and crescent moon after dusk but deepsky objects are then setting and perfectly placed in the previous months high up.

    Neighbour's trees block my ESE to south sky with a tiny window in SSW for lowly targets.

    Your site looks good to me :)

    Nytecam in London


  13. True in-camera binning will scramble the Bayer colours to a monochrome image but should show a camera 'speed' increase.  Only really effective in mono camera.  "Post-binning in s/w" merely rescales the image size either up and down but has no 'speed' gain - it's just common image rescaling.


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