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  1. WOW love it..... gives me insperation
  2. lol I know Exactly how you feel though I dont have the kit you have.... Figured I'd start with the ZEN and chanting part first lol goog luck and clear skies... Make sure you post your photos good or bad
  3. Lo all..... What I would like to know is what you all think of the SkyWatcher 607AZ2...... What are its good points and what are its limitations for a beginner’s scope???? ALL input is gratefully received TY
  4. shellfish


    Retired is the new 20's.... (cough) or so my parents keep telling me lol..... Welcome and enjoy
  5. Was having a look at the Moon last night... best I seen it from home this year.... Picks are great
  6. I'm looking for somthing to start and last me 2 or 3 years till I find out what I realy want then I think I should have saved enough to give me a propper scope. EP set and maby venture into AP.. But I got so much to learn just now somthing cheep like these are ideal
  7. lol set of 4 Plossl.... been reading up on the beginners post about eyepieces and did the math but had to look at budget and went for the best I could afford so got a 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 mm as a good starter http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/140603120885?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 very cheep but for my level should give me a good start hopefuly.
  8. I know all you people have some fantastic kit but I just ordered a cheap set of the net and cant wait to get them and have a go.... Here is to clear skies at the week end ;):)
  9. K Feeling guilty but splashed out on a set of 4 Plossl. Not quite what the sums worked out at but were on offer and are close enough for a noob to start. Thanks for all the advice and help
  10. Hello and welcome from just round the corner in Fenham... Might have to see if you can get a few more street lights removed in our area lol Enjoy
  11. I heard something in passing....( thought it was on here)... Think it’s the Swiss planning a mission to clean up orbiting debris... So many millions lost each year is satellites because of collisions.. so yes It has been mentioned
  12. Solving your power problem....... Infinite Improbability Drive The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 sub-meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer (say a nice hot cup of tea) were of course well understood - and such generators were often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molicules in the hostess's undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left, in accordance with the Theory of Indeterminacy. Many respectable physicists said that they weren't going to stand for this - partly because it was a debasement of science, but mostly because they didn't get invited to those sort of parties. Another thing they couldn't stand was the perpetual failure they encountered in trying to construct a machine which could generate the infinite improbability field needed to flip a spaceship across the mind-paralysing distances between the furthest stars, and in the end they grumpily announced that such a machine was virtually imposssible. Then, one day, a student who had been left to sweep up the lab after a particulary unsuccessful party found himself reasoning this way: If, he thought to himself, such amachine is a virtual impossibility, then it must logically be a finite improbability. So all I have to do in order to make one, is to work out exactly how improbable it is, feed that figure into the finite improbability generator, give it a fresh cup of really hot tea ... and turn it on!
  13. blumming WOW. Keep getting more and more inspired.... Now just need a couple of years experience till I can post mine
  14. LOL good old British weather. I got me new scope, researched local clubs and was supposed to go on Thursday but was called off for cloud. Re scheduled for Sat and the skies were FANTASTIC. Then my poor little boy was ill and couldn’t go Think a little Zen is called for lol
  15. Total noob who uses this allot. Isn’t on but made me think of the right direction..... LP--Light pollution. Said I was a Noob lol:P
  17. Fantastic... My wife takes the mick out of me and calls me a Star twitchier but I showed her Jupiter with (I think) 4 moons the other night and even she had to say it was impressive Still playing around to get a good view of the rings though Chuffed from Newcastle LOL
  18. Hi all I'm a total noob and finding the beginners section an absolute god send.. Brii and any questions are answered by really nice friendly people.... To improve I would sagest that the management team meets in my local pub on a fortnightly basis to discuss basic equipment and ideas..... ( not sure if this is possible but thought I'd ask....) thanks for the warm welcome
  19. Fantastic.... Could be out of a Jules Verne novel
  20. If you’re looking for a good cheep head torch with red light then the UNICOM 3 LED HEAD TORCH Is brilliant.. I have been using them for work for years and they are only £9.99
  21. Brill lol. Off to me first star gazers meeting tonight hopefully and as a total noob that’s fantastic lol, though I have to agree with ROB..... Beer or Wine Rob is Offline Main Sequence Warsash Posts: 5,911 Join Date: Jun 2005 Re: New Top 10 Useful inexpensive things - 20th June 2011, 03:44 PM You have missed a few... very important ones Beer or wine MP3 Player
  22. Wow Thank you all and hallow to those in my neighborhood thanks for the invites and hopefully I might be able to come along one time
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