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  1. Looks great have you had a chance to get out over christmas? You got to post your first lmages her lol
  2. Well lots to think about lol. Thanks all for your thorts....
  3. Looking good... not long now how long do you think till you get first light from a warm obsy with a hot chocolate lol?
  4. Hi all. I'm after some opinions on this for a starter scope for some one on a tight budget??? All comments welcome please... http://www.celestron.com/creative/qr/co102gt/index.php?utm_source=Mobile&utm_medium=QR&utm_campaign=Packaging
  5. Wow you did well Hope my daughter dose somthing simler, it would make for some grate Dad time
  6. Not sure if this has been posted already but it looked interesting.... http://www.ted.com/talks/roy_gould_and_curtis_wong_preview_the_worldwide_telescope.html Hope you all like and enjoy it
  7. Nights are drawing in.... Days to do are getting through tillwe get some tile under the stars again.... How goes the build ??????????
  8. Looking good Just need some better weather now lol
  9. Lo and welcome to the lounge. Mostly a noobie my self so don't have alot of good advice except keep looking and trying as the wonders are to numerous to count. Good luck and happy viewing
  10. Cant wait to see more it looks fantastic
  11. Lo and welcome to the lounge.. hope to see some of your photos up here soon
  12. Hello Gray and welcome to the Lounge. Hope your going to post some of those immages. specially the ones we wont see
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